Arrival- BJD- Pukipuki Pongpong

My Fairyland Pukipuki Pongpong arrived in the mail today. There was a slight complication to her delivery as I was at work when she was delivered and the mailman meaning well left her in my mailbox. My mailbox is basically like what they have at the post office, we as residents have a key to the front to fetch our mail but the postman is the only one with a key to the back where he puts the mail through. The side you put the mail through is larger than the size you get the mail from, Pongpong’s box was small enough to fit through on our mailman’s end I spent about 35 minutes trying to wiggle her out of the mailbox unharmed before finally giving up and destroying the outer shipping carton ^^;

Even though she has only been here a few hours, I think she is my favorite of all my pukis. I just adore her joyful expression, truly she has the face of happiness. I neglected to have a new wig and clothes on hand for her so she borrowed a wig from one of my Jdolls and an outfit from one of my mini dals for her first few photos today.
Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

Here’s a picture of her with her sisters. I have named her Bubbles, her sisters’ names are Blossom and Buttercup and the three of them are named after the Powerpuff Girls.
Group Shot

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