46/365- BJD- Puki- Pongpong

My new little cutie pie Pukipuki Pongpong, Bubbles is my picture of the day. I was just so pleased with how her photos came out I couldn’t resist making one of them picture of the day.

I’m kind of in a bit of quandary about Fairyland in general at the moment. They are running a special event with event exclusive items which you can see on their website. I was for my wallet’s sake hoping to take a break from buying bjds even though I had fallen in love with one of the new Little Fee releases Leah but the event items are really tempting me. I am especially tempted by the Mini Fee event exclusive items, something about the breakaway head just has me absolutely captivated there is one complication besides the price of the minimum order needed to get the head- I do not own any Mini Fees. I would effectively have to buy a Mini Fee body to be able to use the head, in reality if it came down to it I would probably buy the Miyu Mini Fee and have them share her body for now. The event runs through February 15th so I have a little bit of time to think about what I want to order or if I really want to immediately start doing layaway payments on another doll (or dolls).

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4 Responses to 46/365- BJD- Puki- Pongpong

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    She has a really great expression.

    • kleintoys says:

      Her joyful expression is what drew me to her, ironically I wanted her to be my first puki but V was so terrified of her prototype photos I put her on the backburner for a while, he even bought me Lily to keep me from buying Pong previously. Something about her really bothered him, he didn’t see as her being joyful more of her getting ready to attack- he nicknamed her batboy.

  2. tinycupcakes49 says:

    Ya i know right sometimes my pongpong ( Lillion or lillie ) looks kindas evil like shes plotting against us and like planning to take over the world lolz but i love her so much and she looks so cute and happy.
    ~Lots of love~

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