Doll Meet and Arrival-Dal Erenfried

I went and visited Requiem a few days ago for a doll meet.
Ready to go out on the town
We went to the fabric store for fabric for a dollfie kimono. I brought Estel along in one of Requiem’s bag to assist in choosing a fabric (ended up with something un-kimono-like but I like it so :P) I learned how to make dollfie kimono during my visit, I am currently working on finishing it off myself so no pictures yet. I brought home my custom DD head with me, I still need to take pictures of it too.

I always love looking at Requiem’s custom dals. All but the second one on the left are her customs (she is my Jouet who is visiting for another reason). Her pullip to dal customs are really amazing they look just like the stock pullip and especially in the case of Princessa they look even better than the stock pullip.

Requiem normally has a backlog of dolls around just waiting to be customized. She had somehow acquired an Erenfried in her to be customized pile, she offered to trade Erenfried to me for any other pale dal but I lacked any that I was willing to get rid of. We managed to find a cheap Jolie online so I funded her as a substitute for Erenfried in the bait pile and took Erenfried home with me. I have named her Bijou after the cocktail. I need to give her a proper shoot of her own the only thing I really had to dress her in was Princess Ann’s other outfit.

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