Arrival- Pullip Custom Anastacia

Anastacia arrived a little earlier in the week. I had mentioned purchasing her about two weeks ago here but Australia is a long away and sometimes dolls just take a while to arrive. She is an enhanced Greggia by Requiemart. I purchased her from her original owner in Australia and she made her journey back to the states about an hour and a half away from where she got customized (the travels some dolls go through always amuse me- I had one doll go from Japan to Israel to Canada to me in the US).
I was very much amused that the seller had actually included her little sheep pajamas that she had been photographed with in Requiemart’s gallery. I had always admired pictures of her but I bought her because I thought she would make a good counter balance for my Mischa (customized Raphia), I think they will compliment each other well and I plan to photograph them together very soon.

DSC03486 DSC03482 DSC03480

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