New desktop photo and other adventures in the really, real world.

I actually went out and about yesterday into the really real world as opposed to the online world where I do most of my shopping. My main reason for going out was the death of the monitor for my desktop computer which had relegated me to my laptop full time. Now I love my HP mini notebook for short term use but trying to use that for an extended period of time to browse the internet gets kind of uncomfortable after a while even though it is perfectly sized for my petite-ness. I decided to use this opportunity to slightly upgrade my monitor, I ended up choosing an Acer 23″ Wide screen Flat-Panel LCD Monitor. Especially after spending the past almost week on the HP mini notebook I can’t get over how huge the screen is and the picture quality is fantastic as well.

Picture of my new desk layout. For those wondering why my laptop is on the desk as well, I have been known to use both computer’s simultaneously, generally using my laptop to keep up to date on email and chatting on aim/gtalk while working on whatever on the desktop.
I currently have a small variety of dolls/figures on my desk most of which are personal favorites of mine, either because of sentimental value (Clementine the pullip and the Mahoromatic figure which someone actually bought for me as a gift while in Akihabara) or because I just happen to really like them (Tsukasa Mama Chapp and Magical Lyrical Girl Nanaho- Fate figure).

Real world haul
Also while out and about I purchased two new video games. I bought Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for my DS as I haven’t bought a new DS game since I got Lego Batman for Christmas and I really enjoy Kingdom Hearts games in general. I also purchased Gran Turismo for my psp as I was getting bored of playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Final Fantasy VII and wanted something very different from both games. I then stopped at a comic book shop and snapped up the last copy of Gotham City Sirens issue 4 and a Batman and Son- Joker figure because well one can never have too many Joker figures ^^; Speaking of one never being able too many Joker figures it has become apparent my comics collection/ Joker shrine has become too large for it’s current location again so I will probably have to move it again or I could stop buying Joker stuff but umm yeah I think I have more in the mail at the moment so I am not sure of the likelihood of that happening >_< .

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