Dreaming again already?

Remember when I said in an earlier post that I was going to be conservative in July to make up for my indiscretion of buying another Dollfie Dream so soon? Well the conservative part might have been a bit ambitious but keeping with my desire to be less indulgent, I decided that I could not indulge without some sort of sacrifice. Blythe has become my sacrificial lamb.

I sold two of my blythes today (Goldie & Mondie), traded another (Ashletina) and have a fourth up for sale (Saffy). I now have almost $750 sitting in my paypal account from their sale as well as the sale of the dal Charlotte that I had just got early last week (she was an impulse that I really had no use for ^^; ).  When the other blythe sells I will be up to almost $900 in my paypal account which should be enough to start dollfie hunting again.  I am somewhat leaning towards getting a MDD as my next. I would really love to get Illya, as she as a doll is gorgeous and well I simply adore Illya’s character. I also love both of the Demon Bane MDDs so it will not be an easy decision. I have also considered getting two blank DDs with the money and getting them commissioned to be whoever I want (I guarantee if I go this route one will be Chii). I might also end up getting a standard sized DD of another character. I am still so early in the planning stages… I need to study owner photos of the DDs on my wishlist I think… I sometimes wish that there was a forum specifically for dollfie dreams, that way I wouldn’t be starved for more information/pictures the flickr group is nice but there is not a lot of discussion and I never quite understood Yahoo groups O_o

So this isn’t all random musing a group shot of my current four dollfie dreams: (from left to right: Kanu, Rin, Estel & Ryomou).

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4 Responses to Dreaming again already?

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Oh man Dollfies are so scary because once you get one…you just need to get more! I feel if I ever got one I would tumble down the same route and immediately start thining about what my next one will be!

  2. Wolfheinrich says:

    I can certainly attest to the fact that Dollfie has an amazing ability multiply! ^^; I wish there is a forum for Dollfie too, I been to Den of Angel before but I got the feeling that DD isn’t a welcome topic there and I don’t know why.

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