Dollfies at the park

I took the dollfies to the park the other day and did a photoshoot with Rin and Estel. I know this shoot is old news to a few of you already having seen the pictures on my flickr for a few days now  (heck  I already posted a few pictures of Rin from this shoot a bit farther down the page) but bear with me.

Estel was the first dollfie that I photographed…

Estel is a lovely dollfie but I always have a hard time coming up with photo ideas for her.

This one was probably my favorite shot of Estel from the shoot.

I really love Estel’s eyes (ocular, not the ecchi variety).

Estel & Rin together before I packed up Estel again. For those wondering what I use to carry them around outside with me, I use a carry-on suitcase. I can fit two dollfies and a few smaller dolls comfortably.

I rather like this shot even if it is a profile shot.

Once I figured out that Rin likes to climb trees it was on…

Much like Ryomou, Rin tends to be a bit of a camera whore.

I love how dynamic this shot is.

And I will conclude with my favorite shot from the entire shoot. This might actually be my favorite shot of all my dollfie pictures.  I liked it so much I even posted it on Danny Choo

More dollfie photos on my flickr for interested parties also if anyone has any particular photo requests of the dollfies let me know (no x-rated requests though 😛 I have already received a few emails on that subject O_O )

I have decided I want another dollfie sooner rather than later and I had the related thought that perhaps my blythe collection has grown too large. I plan on selling three additional blythes (Goldie, Mondie, & Saffy) which should net me more than enough to buy another dollfie I might even go after Illya as my next.

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1 Response to Dollfies at the park

  1. -kizo. says:

    I liek the last image the most. xD Meaning ’cause she can stand on that tree without falling.

    Pretty picture taking. O:

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