New Pinky Street Releases

I was browsing HLJ yesterday when I discovered a new set of pinky street figures up for preorder.  I immediately logged into the forum to find more information not only are there three new releases but pinky street themselves have set up a pinky website:

There is also a rumor going around that they will not be coming with a second outfit as there has not been any pictured as of yet. It is a serious wtf if they do not come with a second outfit especially since pinky’s tagline is “The changing-clothes figure skating of new feeling which can enjoy recombination freely with spare clothing feeling” and they would be removing the changing clothes aspect unless you have other pinkies already (it’s not like I don’t already have over 100 it’s just a pet peeve that they don’t come with a second outfit).

PK025-A bit reminiscent of Yoshiko (PK001), kind of plain but cute.

PK026- I love the outfit but what is up with that mouth O_O

Pinky027- This one is my favorite of the three, I really like her kind of reminds me of Ryomou’s dollfie head.

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