He is My Master shelf

I have a certain fondness for Gainax shows and Gainax tends to whore their shows out and release tons of merchandise from them (with few exceptions like Mahoromatic who have scant few anime figures >_<). I really enjoyed He is My Master as anime it was pretty cute and fun. Well anyways here are my He Is my Master figure collection..

I don’t own every He Is My Master figure.  I lack:  Enterbrain Izumi (who really underwhelmed me when I seen her in person so I decided to pass), Mitsuki and Anna by Toys Planning ( I had them preordered but after getting Izumi I canceled them) plus various gashapon and I don’t own any of the kits (I don’t think there were ever any completed coldcast but I could be wrong). That being said I am pretty happy with my collection.

I think the three clayz figures in the middle are my favorites of the collection, I got them for Christmas a few years ago from a friend of mine. Izumi is my favorite of three overall and in the Clayz set (would not mind a dollfie of her). I think despite it’s size the alter Hobby Japan Izumi is really nice too.

Last year I went on a buying spree of He is My Master figures I went from having the three clayz and the Izumi from Toys Planning to all that you see on the shelf within a month or two ^^; I remember the Mitsuki on their pet alligator figure being especially a pain to find.

I also own plushes of the three main characters, a large towel featuring Izumi and Mitsuki and sheets featuring Izumi and Anna. Eventually I will get around to photographing them as well.

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2 Responses to He is My Master shelf

  1. francast says:

    nice collection. did the 3 figures from in the middle come with a base?

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