Preorder day again already?

I didn’t actually preorder all that much this week ^^; Part of it is I am waiting for other sites to start taking preorders for a couple of additional figures I want as TL wants way too much over the yen price for them (especially on a Kotobukiya figure wtf? ). On the bright side I guess this should make updating a tad easier, still need to build pages for Hobbysearch, Hobbylink, CDJapan and a few other places but I haven’t had the time ^^;


Series: Phantom Kingdom
Character:  Pram
Company: Griffon Enterprises
Scale: None
Comment- I love Nippon Ichi character designs

Series: Ikki Tousen
Character:  Kanu
Company:  Griffon Enterprises
Scale: 1/7
Comment- Always kind of partial to the original decided to preorder the re-release might end up canceling though.


Series: Ikki Tousen
Character:  Ryomou
Company: Alter
Scale: 1/8
Comment- I am deveoping a taste for the lovely Ryomou..

Series: Ikki Tousen
Character:  Shoukatsuryo Koumei
Company: Griffon Enterprises
Scale: 1/7
Comment-Unfamiliar with the character but adorable

Series: Vocaloid
Character:  Miku
Company: Max Factory
Scale: 1/7
Comment- Miku ❤

Ps. Somewhat hilarious UPS sent me an automated call informing me that I had to be here tomorrow to sign for Rin.

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2 Responses to Preorder day again already?

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I went after Miku too, I like my GSC one a lot…but I’m such a huge fan of Max Factory that I crumbled. I really miss having Kotobukiya US as a pre-order option, waiting an extra 3 months was sooooo worth paying almost half retail price. I JUST bought the Kotobukiya Rei for $44 with free shipping. It’s crazy that her Asuka counterpart is so $$$!!

    Well anyway I’m still eagerly awaiting to see your newest Dollfie! SO EXCITING!

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