Various Doll Updates: Pullip, Blythe and Dollfie Dream

Pullip– Angelique and Charlotte are still kicking around in the post I hate SAL sometimes.  I am also awaiting two other dolls; a custom dal named Jupin who is a dal customized to look the pullip Jupi and I am trading one of my Ridas for a Latte. I am in the process of commissioning another custom dal, with a different customizer this time, as much as I love Requiem’s work I wanted to try a different customizer as a couple of my friends have customs by her and really speak very highly of her work . I am having a custom dal made up of the little pullip Froggy, Little Froggy is my absolute favorite mini and I have already seen a few customs pullips of her then I thought she might be even cuter as a dal.

Blythe– I have fallen head over heels for next month’s release Punkaholic People.  I absolutely must have her.

I currently in the process of trading my Love Mission to make a space for her (I don’t want to have too many with dark hair or anyone hair color for that matter plus I am trying to keep a close eye on their number). Speaking of the trade I am acquiring a Primadolly Saffy so I am rather pleased as she is one of my favorite blythes that I don’t own.

Dollfie Dream– I just checked tracking it looks as though the mysterious Dollfie Dream just arrived in the States a little earlier this evening which would normally mean that she would be delivered tomorrow. Unfortunately there is no mail delivery tomorrow because of the holiday so it looks as though both the mystery DD and Rin will both be arriving together on Monday. Oh the irony.. Ryomou and Kanu showed up on the same day despite the fact they were purchased a few days apart from very different sellers. I wonder if this is a sign that I should buy another when Yoko is due. Anticipate lots of pictures next week.

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2 Responses to Various Doll Updates: Pullip, Blythe and Dollfie Dream

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I got my angelique a while ago, I’m not sure I’m as thrilled about her as I was expecting to be…I might have my first Pullip re-sale if I do decide she isn’t quite for me.

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