New Acquistion: Button

While I didn’t intend to post again about dolls so soon I am making an earnest attempt to get stuff blogged as soon as it arrives and well another doll arrived today ^^;

Yep, it’s another Papin. She is my eighth Papin, I had previously had the goal of collecting seven and to have them all rewigged in different colors of the rainbow but it appears the fates have alligned for me to become the adoptive home for all underloved Papins (ie. there is already a ninth on the way ^^; ). This one was particurily heart breaking as she was about to be sold as custom bait due to extremely slight damage to her nose (I sanded the rough spots and evened it out) so I caved and adopted her. She came with a really cool custom earring and I decided to rewig her in a short orange bob wig I had around even though I already have an orange haired Papin (the infamous Clementine) my plan is to eventually rewig her in a white fur wig *stares at pile of white fur in her sewing pile* I swear I will get to it eventually besides this wig is growing on me.  
I decided to name her Button. I have always wanted to name a pullip Button, she has a button on her earring and she has a cute button nose now. 

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