Pinky Street

I came to the realization the other day that there hasn’t been any announcements of new releases since the last batch went up for sale in January. I also realized I haven’t bought any except the newest batch this year. I have over 100 pinky street and am 10 away from owning all of them but the ones I need pop up some seldomly these days I just haven’t been able to find them recently. 

Worse yet all but Puchi are currently packed away in a huge box . My intention was I was going to move their display but I have had my hands so full recently that rummaging around in a box of 100+ pinky street and trying to match them all up is not something I have the time or energy for. Finding a suitable place not already  in use large enough to display them all in the apartment is another problem. I think I will actually try and organize them all tomorrow maybe set them up on the lower shelves on the same shelving unit that  currently houses my comics. 

Here’s Puchi from the last time I actually had a pinky out and about with me. 

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