Pullip overload

I had a lot of fun at our pullip meet of two today. I acquired 10 new wigs (and a set of cyberfalls) for my girls, new furniture as well as bunch of much needed replacement parts. I have decided I definitely want Horison after seeing Requiem’s in the flesh as he is just gorgeous.

I made two decisions today during my meet with Requiem… 1. My first custom will be Chii and I have already commissioned Requiem to make me external audio receptors 2. That I regretted finding out my Paja was not stock as it caused me to remove the enhanced eye make up. After removing the eye make up though Paja just looks so plain so she went home with Requiem so she can replace the enhanced eye make up I now miss.

I did debox Dorothy and Tinman today, Requiem was kind enough to make me a better pair of ruby slippers as the stock ones are a bit lacking and well both of had skin tone questions about Tin Man and whether or not he is entirely silver (which he actually is). I’ll probably do the other two tomorrow as well as Debut who showed up today. Debut really floored me as her bike is actually metal I was half expecting cheap plastic, quality from Jun Planning O_O

Photo by Papermoonpixie http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y71/papermoonpixie/
Faewyn is a custom done by Papermoonpixie that was given away in a raffle, my friend won her and if you have been following this journal you know I am in the process of purchasing her. Somewhat surprisingly she shipped today, I haven’t paid for her in full yet so I was kind of surprised, I asked Skada and she said she trusted me besides she didn’t really have the room for her anyway.

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