The long drive

Okay it is time for me to slow the aggressive expansion as there is literally no place to put anything else >_< everything is so overcrowded now it is not even funny. I spent most of the day trying to reshelf the pullips, ah I remember when they used to all fit on one bookshelf now they are on five bookshelves all crammed in the computer nook with two auxiliary displays elsewhere in the apartment. I hesitate to open the newly arrived packages that have been piling up out of fear making an even larger mess of the apartment.

I did actually buy a few more things this morning before coming to this conclusion

Ichigo Marshmallow Miu waitress figure by Konami because I have always wanted a figure of her. There is another figure that hooks on as well but I haven’t bothered tracking that one down yet, I will probably wait until I see this one in person before I decide if I need another or not.

Melancholy of Suzumiya Tsuruya-San by Alter. I bought her to match my Alter Mikuru, plus she was cheap. Alter is steadily becoming one of my favorite figure makers although my three favorite figures are all by Max Factory.

No pictures probably until Monday at the earliest as I am going to be out all day on Sunday and I have a meet with Requiem on Monday.

Pullip side- I have pretty effectively exhausted my dolly budget T_T I did successfully track down and purchase Debut off of a Japanese site. Debut is technically the first pullip all she really is Wind with a bicycle but she is limited and technically the first (and my Wind had a haircut before she came to me) so I bought her a few days ago. I actually paid less for her than I did for my non-limited Wind with a haircut go figure.

After buying Debut I had a definite plan as to what I was going to do with the rest of the money in my dolly budget, I was going to buy a custom as I don’t have that many full customs (Elphaba, Mischa, Manjula, & Platinum) and some stuff from requiem (wigs, bodies, shoes). I had, had my heart set on this custom on ebay and I placed a bid on her (the auction ends tomorrow, wish me luck). Unfortunately one of my friends (Dark_Skada) decided to sell her papermoonpixie custom Faewyn tonight. I had always loved Faewyn as she is just gorgeous, but my budget was effectively spent on the bid I had already placed (minus the bit of cash I had on me for the meet with Requiem) on the other custom. I messaged Skada about Faewyn and she agreed to put Faewyn while I gather additional funds. If I lose the auction I will be able to pay Faewyn off tomorrow, if I win it could take me as much as a week to raise funds for her.

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