Pang-ju Release List

Pang-ju are small anthro shaped ball jointed dolls designed by Ars Gratia Artis & made by Groove. They are approximately 4 1/2 inches tall and are made out of ABS plastic.

1. Rambu-pang
Name- Rambu-pang
Product Number- U-850
Release Date- 8/2011
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

2. Campbell-pang
Name- Campbell-pang
Product Number- U-851
Release Date- 10/2011
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

3. Peach-pang
Name- Peach-pang
Product Number- U-852
Release Date- 12/2011
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

4. Pome-Pang
Name- Pome-pang
Product Number- U-853
Release Date- 3/2012
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

5. Jambu-pang
Name- Jambu-pang
Product Number- U-854
Release Date- 4/2012
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

Name- Coco-pang
Product Number- U-855
Release Date- 7/2012
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

7. Cranberry-Pang
Name- Cranberry-Pang
Product Number- U-856
Release Date- 11/2013
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

8. Japanica-Pang
Name- Japonica-Pang
Product Number- U-857
Release Date- 3/2013
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

9. Cherry-pang
Name- Cherry-Pang
Product Number- U-858
Release Date- 7/2013
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

10. Cookie-pang
Name- Cookie-Pang
Product Number- U-859
Release Date- 9/2013
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

11. Milk-pang
Name- Milk-Pang
Product Number- U-860
Release Date- 10/2013
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

12. Darjeeling-pang
Name- Darjeeling-pang
Product Number- U-861
Release Date- 1/2014
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

13. Chiffon Cake-pang
Name- Chiffon Cake-pang
Product Number- U-862
Release Date- 2/2014
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

14. Black Russian Pang
Name- Black Russian Pang
Product Number-U-863
Release Date- 4/2014
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

15. Flower-pang
Name- Flower-pang
Product Number- U-864
Release Date- 6/2014
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

16. Calf-pang
Name- Calf-pang
Product Number- U-865
Release Date- 12/2014
Original MSRP- 10000 yen

Last Updated as of 7/14/2016

All photos on this page are promotional images belonging to Groove Inc. and were taken from their various websites

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