Class Mates Release List

Class Mates are a line of fashion dolls made by Jun Planning, only three dolls were produced before the line was discontinued. Jun has a unique head sculpt but Riria and Merippe share a head sculpt which appears to be the same mold as that of a J-doll.

10039125a !CE7yd7g!mk~$(KGrHqUOKpQE0U0uCNQBBNTguWIKn!~~_35
Name- Takeru
Product Number- C-900
Release Date- 7/2004
Original MSRP- 3900 yen

10039124a classm
Name- Riria
Product Number- C-901
Release Date- 7/2004
Original MSRP- 3900 yen

10039131a class
Name- Merippe
Product Number- C-902
Release Date- 7/2004
Original MSRP- 3900 yen

Box Photos are by Hobby Search I chose to include them as well because the quality of the promotional photos I found were not that great ^^;

2 Responses to Class Mates Release List

  1. nessy says:

    …one of these is not like the others. 😡 School-girl, school-boy, and… magical fairy..?

    I’d love to see where they were going with this…

    • kleintoys says:

      When I was trawling the internet to collect what information I could about the class mates, I found a photo that had like two dozen unproduced class mates dolls that had been on display at some doll show or event. Most of them were wearing some variation of the school uniform but there were a few of them in outlandish costumes like the fairy my assumption is perhaps they were supposed to be in a school play? One of the headmolds at least continued on to become J-doll.

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