Ai Doll Release List

Ai Dolls are a small (slightly under five inches) ABS plastic ball jointed doll. Releases had one of four different face molds or facial expressions. The first Ai doll was released in early 2007, they were released pretty regularly until 2012 when their releases became a bit more sporadic. Ai Dolls are all named after different types of flowers.

1. Snowflake
Name- Snow Flake
Product Number- W-700
Release Date- 4/2007
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

2. Freesia
Name- Freesia
Product Number- 4/2007
Release Date- Q-701
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

3. Hybrid Statice
Name- Hybrid Statice
Product Number- W-705
Release Date- 6/2007
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

4. Lawn Daisy

Name- Lawn Daisy
Product Number- Q-704
Release Date- 6/2007
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

5. Aster

Name- Aster
Product Number- W-702
Release Date- 8/2007
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

6. Sanbitalia
Name- Sanbitalia
Product Number- W-703
Release Date- 8/2007
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

7. Painted Sage

Name- Painted Sage
Product Number- W-707
Release Date- 10/2007
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

8. Cosmos
Name- Cosmos
Product Number- W-706
Release Date- 10/2007
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

9. Hyacinth
Name- Hyacinth
Product Number- W-716
Release Date- 12/2007
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

10. Lupinus

Name- Lupinus
Product Number- W-717
Release Date- 12/2007
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

11. Thyme
Name- Thyme
Product Number- W-715
Release Date- 1/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

12. Prairie Gentian
Name- Prairie Gentian
Product Number- W-719
Release Date- 2/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

13. Kangaroo Paw
Name- Kangaroo Paw
Product Number- W-718
Release Date- 3/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

14. Rhodanthe
Name- Rhodanthe
Product Number- W-712
Release Date- 4/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

15. Leptospermum
Name- Leptospermum
Product Number- W-711
Release Date- 5/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

16. Phlox
Name- Phlox
Product Number- W-720
Release Date- 6/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

17. Cuphea
Name- Cuphea
Product Number- W-721
Release Date- 7/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

18. Coreopsis
Name- Coreopsis
Product Number- W-722
Release Date- 8/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

19. Bee Balm
Name- Bee Balm
Product Number- W-723
Release Date- 9/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

20. Beloperone
Name- Beloperone
Product Number- W-724
Release Date- 10/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

21. Matricaria
Name- Matricaria
Product Number- W-725
Release Date- 11/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

22. Lagrus


Name- Lagrus
Product Number- W-726
Release Date- 12/2008
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

23. Denphalae
Name- Denphalae
Product Number- W-727
Release Date- 1/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

24. Nerine
Name- Nerine
Product Number- W-728
Release Date- 2/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

25. Leucocoryne
Name- Leucocoryne
Product Number- W-729
Release Date- 4/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

26. Almond
Name- Almond
Product Number- W-730
Release Date- 5/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

27. English Ivy
Name- English Ivy
Product Number- A-700
Release Date- 6/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

28. Marigold
Name- Marigold
Product Number- A-701
Release Date- 7/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

29. Ginger
Name- Ginger
Product Number- A-702
Release Date- 8/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

30. Iris
Name- Iris
Product Number- A-703
Release Date- 9/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

31. Lemon
Name- Lemon
Product Number- A-704
Release Date- 10/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

32. Gloxinia
Name- Gloxinia
Product Number- A-705
Release Date- 11/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

33. Karin
Name- Karin
Product Number- A-706
Release Date- 12/2009
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

34. Black Baccara
Name- Black Baccara
Product Number- A-706
Release Date- 1/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

35. Larkspur
Name- Larkspur
Product Number- A-708
Release Date- 2/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

36. Vinca
Name- Vinca
Product Number- A-709
Release Date- 3/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

37. Clover
Name- Clover
Product Number- A-710
Release Date- 4/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

38. Caladium
Name- Caladium
Product Number- A-711
Release Date- 5/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

39. Cymbidium

Name- Cymbidium
Product Number- A-712
Release Date- 6/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

40. King Protea
Name- King Protea
Product Number- A-713
Release Date- 7/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

41. Zinnia
Name- Zinnia
Product Number- A-714
Release Date- 8/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

42. Lobelia
Name- Lobelia
Product Number- A-715
Release Date- 9/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

43.  Phylica
119185 (1)
Name- Phylica
Product Number- A-716
Release Date- 10/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

44. Nierembergia
Name- Nierembergia
Product Number- A-716
Release Date- 11/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

45. Azalea
119182 (1)
Name- Azalea
Product Number- A-718
Release Date- 12/2010
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

46. Plum
Name- Plum
Product Number- A-719
Release Date- 1/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

47. Torenia
Name- Torenia
Product Number- A-720
Release Date- 2/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

48. Primula
Name- Primula
Product Number- A-721
Release Date- 3/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

49. Strawberry Candle
Name- Strawberry Candle
Product Number- A-723
Release Date- 4/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

50. Madonna Lily
Name- Madonna Lily
Product Number- A-722
Release Date- 5/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

51. Black Berry
Name- Black Berry
Product Number- A-726
Release Date- 6/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

52. Leonitis
Name- Leonotis
Product Number- A-724
Release Date- 7/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

53. Petunia
Name- Petunia
Product Number- A-725
Release Date- 8/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

54. Apple Blossom
Name- Apple Blossom
Product Number- A-728
Release Date- 9/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

55. Blue Elfin
Name- Blue Elfin
Product Number- A-727
Release Date- 10/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

56. Holly
Name- Holly
Product Number- A-729
Release Date- 11/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

57. Peony
Name- Peony
Product Number- A-730
Release Date- 12/2011
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

58. Aquilegia
Name- Aquilegia
Product Number- A-731
Release Date- 1/2012
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

59. Zephyr
Name- Zephyr
Product Number- A-732
Release Date- 2/2012
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

60. Red Poppy
Name- Red Poppy
Product Number- A-733
Release Date- 3/2012
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

61. Moss Rose
Name- Moss Rose
Product Number- A-734
Release Date- 5/2012
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

62. Bluebell
Name- Bluebell
Product Number- A-735
Release Date- 9/2012
Original MSRP- 15000 yen
Note- I have never seen owner photos or this release pop up for sale, if anyone has any additional information on this release please contact me.

63. Tsubaki
Product Number- A-736
Release Number- 1/2013
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

64. Camellia
Name- Camellia
Product Number- A-737
Release Date- 5/2013
Original MSRP- 15000 yen

All photos on this page are promotional images belonging to Groove Inc. and were taken from their various websites

25 Responses to Ai Doll Release List

  1. Aya says:

    Wow! Thanks for the Ai Doll Reference. My favorite seems to be Zephyr, I have wanted her for some time.

  2. leannel says:

    I was wondering if perhaps there is a fourth face mold (eyes slightly open vs closed completely). I also noticed the the mouth appears more pursed in the slightly-open version. I am just making sure because I had planned to get one in each mold and I wasn’t sure if it was just me.

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, I was basing my knowledge off of the Pullip Complete Style Book which says there are only three facemolds BUT after seeing your question I contacted a friend of mine who has Bee Balm as after looking at owner photos I wasn’t sure. She does in fact have slightly open eyes after looking closely at owner photos it seems Bee Balm, Larkspur, Holly and Tsubaki do in fact have a fourth headmold.

      • leannel says:

        Thanks for confirming that! I am totally in love with Tsubakl, but of course it is the only one I can’t seem to find.

        Thank you for the wonderful reference list. There isn’t much on Ai dolls on the internet, so this is great.

      • katscauldron says:

        that was something I was wondering as I couldn’t get sales pics of them enlarged enough to tell

  3. EDT says:

    This list is really convenient. I just ordered one tonight after trying to decide all day.

  4. Designingdaydreams says:

    These little dolls are just too cute to only have just one…collecting them is addictive…Thanks for the list with photos…

  5. Kiki says:

    Discovered these recently & am totally in love!. Saw a few here I hadn’t before, so TY for the compilation!
    Was wondering the avg. $ ppl are paying? I see them priced on an auction site for $25-$169
    While I won’t collect them all, the 2 I have DEFINITELY need 10-12 friends!

    • kleintoys says:

      It depends on the Ai most can be had quite cheaply but some of the newer ones like Tsubaki are still quite expensive, others seem a bit more popular and will sell for a bit more. I have yet to pay more than like $40 per Ai Doll and I currently own six: Bee Balm, Beloperone, Ginger, Gloxinia, Red Poppy and Madonna Lily. I’d eventually like to get Zephyr as well.

      • Kiki says:

        Thank you for the info! Newbies can really get taken, as I well know from the beginning of my vintage Barbie collection many years ago, lol!
        So many dolls, so little space and budget! We share a similar taste…the redheads are exceptionally cute, IMO. Bee Balm is adorable, too & def. on my list…thanks again

  6. Mary Holcomb says:

    Thank you for this wonderful list. I purchased my first 3 dolls in Dec. of 2013 at a Tuesday Morning and have been hooked ever since. I thought that I had all of them, but then when I saw your list, I discovered that there are 2 that I do not have. I do not have Blue Elfin A-727 and Tsubaki A-736. If anyone has either of these 2 at a good price, I will purchase from you. My sister is also looking for Red Poppy, if anyone has one of those for sale. This is too fun and these dolls are too cute!

  7. Mary Holcomb says:

    Were Blue Elfin and Tsubaki every really released? I cannot find a single store that has ever had one and I cannot find a single person that has ever bought one. Do you know if they were actually released?

    • kleintoys says:

      Tsubaki was definitely released, she was previously available at Toy Malaysia. It doesn’t look she ever made it to the liquidation centers and to Tuesday Mornings like most of the others did. I did previously see her on eBay but she was never cheap she consistently stayed in the $160 range which was about her MSRP (there are owner photos granted not many . I never heard anything about Blue Elfin getting canceled and dolls definitely continued to be released after her, so it would be odd for them to cancel her without saying anything. It’s possible that these two releases sold really well in Japan and there weren’t any left to clearance out or that they were produced in lower numbers but I know for a fact that Tsubaki was released and I don’t really doubt that Blue Elfin was released.

      Something that needs to be considered is before the dolls started popping up at Tuesday Morning owner photos of any of the dolls were pretty few and far between, they were very unpopular hence why they are bargain priced now.

      In regards to your original comment, I apologize for late response but I had posted on the main page that I would be away without computer access for a few days. I am not a store, I rarely sell dolls and the only doll of the ones you mentioned is Red Poppy and I have no intentions of selling her ^^;

  8. Mary Holcomb says:

    Thank you again for your awesome list. I did find a Blue Elfin, but she was very expensive. Also, wanted to let you know that the little nurse doll W-706 is named Cosmos, not Adams. Thank you again for helping educate collectors about these dolls.

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m glad you were able to find Blue Elfin at least, I know a few people are looking for Tsubaki but it seems like she didn’t make it over here as one of the clearanced out dolls I’m afraid.

      I’ll fix it as soon as possible not sure how that got screwed up.

      Thank you 😀

  9. Wonderful list! I just wish I could find out exactly how many of these dolls were manufactured and if some were more limited than others. Is there any one out there that knows? THANKYOU!!!

    • kleintoys says:

      This list contains all of the Ai Dolls released. Very few companies announce how many of something they make unless it’s like a limited edition. The last three seem to be harder to find than the rest so maybe they were produced in a lower quantity? Sometimes like shortage of materials ie. fabric may lead to a doll being produced in lower numbers.

      Groove is probably the only one who knows how many of each Ai Dolls they produced but they are probably not telling, it’s probably considered sensitive material.

  10. KatsCauldron says:

    I still have 25 to go and it’s frustrating I know there is now at least 3 I won’t be able to get and maybe 5 as people that don’t collect them because they like them so much as buying them to resale are bumping up the prices. It doesn’t help that with new ebay changes my other items aren’t selling and I’m pulling them off and not relisting so all my doll money is nonexistant right now!

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m not sure which ones you still actually need but JPGroove listed some on their website recently at okay prices most of them are older releases though. I’m keeping an eye out for the fox to pop up but the final three just doesn’t seem as widely distributed for whatever reason.

      I want Zephyr quite badly! I waited too long for her it seems, I was hoping to stick to just one of each different type of facemold but I have 6 now.

      • KatsCauldron says:

        now there’s just Blue Elfin which i don’t think will ever happen, then Madonna and Leonotis, the latter two I just stayed on the fence about when Amazon had them for $25 each f/s and then missed them again from Pullips style, more regrettably I missed all the Pangs I wanted, Fox and Cookie. Will probably grab some of the others when I can on ebay if reasonable price but absolutely love the girls [and got an extra body for Camellia as the green thing was making me crazy going to turn the green into the WWOWs granddaughter from the wicked series!]

  11. KatsCauldron says:

    yeah, originally I thought the same then after my first few decided to go full boar. I could have gotten zephyr along with camellia poppy and peony at about 10.00 more than the others but waited now it has been a mad dash race to finish and I had to stop over the last couple of months. I still don’t have a couple I desperately wanted and waited on as other were on sale or I thought would be harder to get later on. I’m glad you put that link back up as when I went over to their site I couldn’t pull it up.

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