Support a Great Cause and get a chance to win a cute Custom Pullip!

YummySweetsDolls  is hosting a raffle for a gorgeous custom Pullip to benefit the Richmond, VA YMCA . By donating, you support a great cause as well as getting the chance to own the custom Pullip who has been named Charity. Charity has been customized by YummySweetsDolls whose previous works you can check out on her Facebook page and if you are extraordinary lucky with timing you may even get a chance to buy one of her customs on her etsy (they normally don’t last very long). A video review of Charity by Omocha Crush has been posted on youtube which can be seen here.

Details on how to enter the raffle are below

Here’s the info for your chance to win Charity!
1. Donate! Go to and donate at least $10. (Every $10 is worth 2 raffle tickets)

2. Once you donate, you will receive an email confirmation. Forward this to Connie at

3. Connie will send you raffle ticket numbers. On March 15, Connie will pick a winner!
“We are strongest when we help others better. Expand compassion more than just family and friends , you will find that we have a family with strangers. Love and compassion throughout the world so !”

Doll: Fair MIO Pullip Kit
Wig: Monique Gold collection, synthetic mohair
Angel dress: Pullip JP Groove
Ear muffs: conniebees
White top: Kosucas
Jean shorts: Unknown
White socks: Coolcat
Little boots: Mimiwoo

I have no involvement in this raffle though I will probably be entering myself but I wanted to help spread the word about this raffle! Photos are by Yummysweetsdolls/conniebees and are used with permission.

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1 Response to Support a Great Cause and get a chance to win a cute Custom Pullip!

  1. Debra says:

    as a proud mother to a stunning ConnieBees doll I can tell everyone they are even more beautiful in person ❤

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