Dolly Japan Magazine Exclusive Pullip Alura is now available for preorder @JPGroove

JPGroove made a very exciting announcement via their facebook page earlier this morning, they have opened up preorders for Pullip Alura via their website. Pullip Alura is a Dolly Japan magazine exclusive in Japan, this initially left me with dread as you basically needed to live in Japan or have a very good connection with someone in Japan to be able to preorder her; I’m so happy that JPGroove is able to offer her for preorder for us international fans of Pullip.

Normally magazine exclusives are announced way ahead of release, the companies generally need lots of lead time to produce products for these types of preorders because of this Pullip Alura will not actually be released until October. JPGroove is saying that she will also be released in October here in the US. She is priced at $150.
Pullip Alura is a collaboration between Mistubachi@BabyBee (face up) x  Momolita (outfit) x Laura (photographer/stylist) . She is the second doll produced by this collaboration the first being Pullip Laura (they share a face up but are styled/dressed differently).
Pullip Alura
Pullip Alura actually comes with two different outfits, a stylish gothic circus type outfit…
Pullip Aluraas well as a classic black dress which reminds me a bit of Wednesday Addams. I think I prefer this look personally!

Alura can be preordered at JPGroove here – remember she does not come out until October (very fitting that this kind of creepy girl will be out just in time Halloween)!

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2 Responses to Dolly Japan Magazine Exclusive Pullip Alura is now available for preorder @JPGroove

  1. Rose says:

    I hope it will be available on PullipStyle, the international shipping on JPGroove is very expensive >_<

    • kleintoys says:

      Worst case, I can always get one shipped to me and mail it to you. I could even debox for you if you wanted. I don’t mind shipping internationally if it’s someone I’ve dealt with before.

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