Sailor Moon x Pullip – Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune Pullips Revealed!

Groove has revealed the next two dolls in the Sailor Moon x collaboration series via their blog last night. Not a lot of details have been released about Sailor Uranus (blonde) and Sailor Neptune (green hair) yet, they do not have a set release date but I am guessing they will probably be released in the June or July time frame. There is also no word on MSRP but I assume they will be 17000 yen like the majority of the other Sailor senshi. Both dolls will be on display at Doll Show 43 Spring on May 5th, I really hope that some good photos from the show surface so we can get a closer look at these two!
Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune
I think both dolls look utterly fantastic so far! I look forward to getting a closer look at them in subsequent promotional photos.

I’m not really back yet, I’m still dealing with a lot of real life stuff at the moment but I was excited by this announcement when I saw it so I wanted to share it as soon as possible and frankly I NEED the distraction right now.

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