MIO Kits @Pullipstyle & Last Night for Free Shipping @JPGroove

A couple of very quick Pullip-related announcements…

  • The MIO(Make It Own) Pullip and Taeyang kits are now in stock on Pullipstyle but they are extremely popular, if you want one don’t hesitate this will sell out very quickly. The MIO kits are blank doll kits ideal for customization.
  • Pullips Nana-chan and Princess Serenity as well as Taeyang Mi-chan have arrived at Pullipstyle but due to an unprecedented amount of preorders for them, they are still working on fulfilling/packing all the preorders before opening up orders for them hopefully on Friday.
  • Tonight is the last night for the free shipping within the US promotion at JPGroove, it’s especially awesome if you just want to order something on the small side like a mini Pullip or an outfit set.

Just wanted to get this up quick while I work on my year in review post as well as my next doll review.

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