Pullip MIO Holiday Picnic Set Review

This post will be focusing on the Holiday Picnic Set which is a part of the MIO or Make it Own line of Pullip products. The MIO line includes everything from clothing sets to shoes to bodies and blank doll kits. JPGroove very graciously sent me some of the MIO items as well as some other goodies and I’m trying to slowly work my through blogging it all.
I love this clothing set, it’s cute and casual. It’s nice to see something more casual from Groove, the white dress is definitely pretty versatile and could work with a lot of different looks and styles.

The Holiday Picnic Set consists of three pieces, a dress and a jacket with matching belt; it does not come with any shoes but so far none of the MIO outfit sets have come with shoes. The outfit set has a MSRP of 3990 yen. It was released in October of last year shortly after the debut batch of MIO items.
My primary model I used for this outfit is Pulliphine IX, she was released in June of 2012. She has been rewigged with the MIO two-tone brown wig and is also wearing the MIO camel boots. I fear, I will regret using her as my model as I had her listed in my sales page but now well she’s looking pretty darn cute in the new wig and outfit set she just might end up sticking around.
The clothing set is well-made and nicely detailed.
The white dress is simple yet very stylish. I absolutely adore how sweet this dress looks on Pulliphine.
How well does it fit? Beautifully. 

Now then let’s try the outfit set on some other dolls…
Type 3
The type 3 model is a Haute New York, she was released in early 2008 and was originally an exclusive of Haute Doll. Her name is Sushi.
How well does it fit? I actually think that the Holiday Picnic Set looks more flattering on the  type 3 than the type 4, the type 3 body just seems to fill the white dress a little better.

Lola Darling
The obitsu model is Lola Darling, she is a custom by Requiemart that I recently adopted from her previous owner and has the distinction of being the only doll on a obitsu that has made her way over to the house so far. She is on a 27cm M bust obitsu.
Lola Darling
How well does it fit? Well… it looks great on the 27cm obitsu, but the reality is that while it looks good from the front the dress won’t actually close in the back. The dress is just a little too tight in the bust, it would probably fit a S bust obitsu better and definitely would not fit a L bust obitsu. The top snap of the jacket was also a bit tight.

The Dal model is a rewigged/rechipped Dal Lucia her name is Mindy though she normally masquerades around as a superhero. She is also wearing brown MIO boots .
How well does it fit? The white dress is slightly oversized on Dal but not overly so and looks quite cute on Dal. The jacket however is way too big on Dal and doesn’t look very flattering on her ^^;

A very special thank you to JPGroove for making this review possible!

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2 Responses to Pullip MIO Holiday Picnic Set Review

  1. Jane Chérie says:

    The outfit is adorable!!! Just adorable! May I ask you about the wig? How would you rate the wig from Groove compared to other companies? The reason I ask is that I had Pullip dolls with great wigs and other (Paja comes to mind) with awful hair!

    • kleintoys says:

      The MIO wigs tend to be higher quality than what we actually get with doll releases which are wildly variable even with the same model sometimes. I’ll be doing a full review of the wigs with more photos, things are just taking longer than usual as I’m also in the process of moving right now ^^;

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