Pullipstyle exclusive Pullip Froggy Arrives

Little Pullip Froggy was always one of my favorite original little Pullips, so I was beyond ecstatic when Pullipstyle announced that their rumored exclusive Pullip coming out this fall would be Pullip Froggy.
Lily P
Froggy arrived today and I can honestly say that I could not be happier as she is one of the best releases that Groove has put out in years.

The Froggies have arrived!
I may as well admit that I ordered Froggy twins (actually I ordered three with the third Froggy going to Requiemart ) as it’s going to be pretty apparent from some of the photos in this post anyway ^^; Why order two? I plan on commissioning a Froggy Dal and it was the easiest way to obtain the wig/chips/stock I needed, plus I have the bonus of having a Froggy to invert ie. orange eyes and a green wig.
Pullip Froggy Face Up
I love Pullip Froggy’s face up. Stylistically, it reminds me more of beloved older releases than of the more recent bjd-esque faces that Groove has been favoring these days. I love the colors they chose for her face up, admittedly I may have a bit of bias as green and orange are my favorite colors but it is a color scheme that isn’t seen all that often on Pullip (the only other one I can think of is Paja/Regeneration Paja) so it is quite refreshing.
Pullip Froggy Stock
Froggy’s stock is cute and really well-made. Froggy’s kind of light on accessories just coming with a lily pad but really what else could a Froggy want or need? The little underthings are made from the same fabric as the lining of the frog suit and hood which I thought was a nice touch. The frog suit itself is nicely made, getting her back in to the frog suit after taking her out of it can be a bit of a pain but it’s common issue with animal suits.
Lily P & Frogger
I named the twins Frogger and Lily P, admittedly strange names but I already had a doll named Froggy ie. my custom Pullip Froggy and a custom Froggy Dal named Pollywog so I was running out of frog themed names (the mini’s name is Tadpole).  Lily P is a play on Luna P a gadget used by Chibi-Usa in Sailor Moon and lily pads which are pretty closely associated with frogs; Frogger is simply named after the old school video game where you try to safely guide a frog across a busy street.
Lily P
I love how vivid Froggy’s coloring is, she has like a perfectly balanced mix of orange and green that really makes both colors pop.
Frogger Froggy Hop
Frog hop! I love the little bead detailing on Froggy’s hands and feet.
Lily P & Frogger
I love how faithfully they reproduced the mini Pullip, right down to the sewn on Pullip heart patch.
The lily pad’s stem is actually bendable which makes it a lot easier to pose.
Lily P & Frogger
The girls with their lily pads.
Lily P & Frogger
Oh my just look at those frog legs frilly little underthings. I think the shirt would like quite cute paired with jean shorts or pants, not sure of a secondary use for the bloomers though.
Frogger & Lily P
More pictures of my Froggy twins are on my flickr; you can get your own Pullip Froggy exclusively at Pullipstyle . If you do want her I would advise you not to wait too long as she is a steal of a price at $95, limited to 400 and I can see a lot of older collectors that may have moved on from collecting Pullip coming back to the hobby just for her.

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3 Responses to Pullipstyle exclusive Pullip Froggy Arrives

  1. Linn Graves says:

    Hiya! 🙂
    I came across Pullip Dolls recently after meeting the Blythe dolls. I have now ordered my 1st and I am totally excited to get my Dal Sakura Pullip Doll!! Love your blog and the Froggy Twins are adorable!!:)


    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, sorry for late response been very busy with work/recovery from storm on the east coast ^^; If you have any questions about Pullips please feel free to ask. Congrats on your first dal, Sakura is a sweetie I’m sure you love her. Thanks about Froggy ❤

      • Linn Graves says:

        Ohh, sending lots of energy for the recovery after the storm! Hope no one is hurt?!
        Yes, totally cant wait to get Sakura! 🙂 Do you know a good online shop where I can buy clothes for the Pullips??
        Have a lovely weekend, dear!

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