Arrival! Grin the Cheshire Cat BJD

As some of you may know, I have a great love of all things Alice in Wonderland and I am especially fond of the Cheshire Cat. I forget exactly how I discovered Grin the Cheshire Cat bjd by MushroomPeddler but I saw him and absolutely loved him,  unfortunately he was not available for sale at the time. I happened to be browsing on etsy for various bjd stuff around Valentine’s Day and…something unexpected managed to leap up out of the search results.
I pounced on the order button immediately, I went for the custom color option as I personally fail at all things art and requested the iconic pink/purple Cheshire Cat coloring. He arrived yesterday and words can not adequately describe how much I love and adore him. I think he may just be my new favorite bjd!

So far I have just been referring to him as Grin as it just seems to suit him so well but I may settle on a new name eventually.
I think the thing that attracts me to him the most is how much personality he seems to have, he has so much character and is so very unique; I’ve never handled another doll quite like him before.
I love how he is adorable but also a bit creepy at the same time (his faceplate can detach).
I will admit he was actually a bit larger than I had anticipated, he is about nine inches tall once the cat ears are factored in I had mistakenly thought he was going to be approximately Lati Yellow/Pukifee sized (silly me didn’t think out the math). Despite the fact that he is a bit larger than I had expected, he is the perfect size to fit in with the rest of my Alice crew so I am quite happy.
I was really impressed with how well he poses.
Photographing him has been an absolute pleasure for me, I had so much fun photographing him yesterday I took outside for some additional photos today. I may even bring him along to Anime Boston with me this weekend.
Grin & Miyuki
I took a couple of pictures of him yesterday with my other new arrival a somewhat Alice-y looking custom Pullip who I named Miyuki (ie. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland).
I've never seen a cat with a grin before
He looks a bit menacing here! I had tried to take pictures of him with my Dormouse (Dollfactory Bobo the 3rd) but unfortunately none of them really came out how I wanted them too (it looked like Grin was getting ready to maul the poor thing).
Grin & Miyuki
I did mention that his faceplate was removable right?
I can’t get over just how much I love him, maybe it was because this is my first bjd not bought from a major company but rather the artist herself.  He just seems so much more personal to me than my other bjds. I can’t speak highly of his creator Sarah Seiter enough as I am just incredibly pleased.
Believe it or not there are yet more pictures of him on my flickr.

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4 Responses to Arrival! Grin the Cheshire Cat BJD

  1. Aria says:

    His little teeth are just the cutest thing.

  2. Yuki says:

    There are dolls a little like doll factory animal dolls but cheaper called pang-ju. You can find them on pullip style 🙂 . Oh and I love your blog!

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, I know of pang-ju already unfortunately I have the rule that all my anthros have to represent characters from Alice in Wonderland so a dog wouldn’t really fit in with the rest of my crew. Thanks so much ❤

  3. Yuki says:

    There is the giant puppy that chased Alice… But pang ju aren’t giant:)

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