Halloween Pictures!

Before it gets much later, I figured I should really blog the pictures I took for Halloween (especially since they are already three days late going up here).

A couple of my Pullip Papins got together for a little Halloween party, the green haired Papin named Punky dressed up as Pullip Chicca while the orange haired one named Button decided to dress up as a cute witch. In stark contrast to the Papins’ cutesy costumes, the Nameless decided to go as something truly horrifying this year namely herself. It does seem that no matter how evil someone may be they can not deny the inherent goodness that are KitKats. Duela wasn’t really invited to the party, she just kind of crashed it in her batsuit so she could steal all the candy!
302/365 Happy Halloween!

Punky and Button enjoying their candy haul!
Candy numnumnumnum

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween this year! Halloween was effectively cancelled for a lot of areas of the northeast this year because of the snowstorm over this past weekend (many people still don’t have power :/) but we were very fortunate here and only got about an inch of snow so the zilla and I were still able to go out trick or treating.

I’m admittedly getting a bit backed up here but I’m hoping to become more active in the next few days things to look forward too…
Halo Megablocks
Arrival of Lati Yellow Halloween edition Lumi (Trixie Treat)
Arrival of Isul Sith
Isul Sith/Pullip Banshee Photos
Madoka Nendoroid
Mirai Figma
and Monster High
(also possibly December and January Pullip releases as I just realized I never blogged them ^^;).

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