178/365- Little Pullip Dog

After coming to the conclusion that Pullipstyle must be sold out of Little Pullip Dog as she has not restocked any time in 2011, I decided to give up on them and look elsewhere for her. I found Dog very reasonably priced on ebay from a new shop called  PopFuzz that is based out of Brooklyn, New York . They have a physical store that sells all sorts of neat stuff like Pullips,  records, books, cds and art toys as well as an ebay store which seems to specialize in Pullips and Monster High dolls. I haven’t made it to the store yet but have heard nothing but good things from various friends who have bought from them, so I decided to try ordering from them too. I had a very pleasant experience buying from them, Little Dog arrived quickly and well packaged she was also very reasonably priced. I would definitely do business with them again (well actually I just kind of bought some Monster High dolls from them as well, so I guess they have made a repeat customer out of me already).
178/365- Little Pullip Dog Winona
Anyway unto Dog, whom I have decided to name Winona after Applejack’s dog in the new My Little Pony cartoon. Dog was the last member of the Bremen Town’s Musicians that I needed to complete the set, I had actually wanted her for a long while but PS was out of stock so I kept waiting ^^;.

I absolutely love her rich skin tone, she is one of the very few mini dolls to not be super pale (the other being Onyx who I also own). I love to see a range of different skin colors on dolls unfortunately Pullip tends  to favor variations on shades of pale.

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2 Responses to 178/365- Little Pullip Dog

  1. Lillian M says:

    I think your website is adorable! After seeing your picture of little pullip dog anime I purchased her from a store on ebay called a23, they also have excellent prices. Enjoyed browsing on your website. 🙂

    Regards, Lillian

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks so much ❤ I hope you enjoy your little dog as much as I enjoy mine. I'm really looking forward to visiting their physical location for the first time next month.

      PS.Sorry for delay in reply, I've been very busy lately ^^;

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