172/365- Pullip Ludmila

I bought a Ludmila Pullip at the Animadness meet last weekend.  Unfortunately for Ludmila, I have been having so much fun playing with Duela that she was neglected and left her in a box a few days ^^; I decided to debox her a few days ago and took some pictures of her.


I had a hard time thinking of a name for her, I already have/had a Scarlet and a Ruby which would have suited her wonderfully. I ended up naming her Blaze, not exactly sure how the name came to me but it’s the only thing that stuck. Ludmila IMG_5425 Ludmilla
Ludmila’s stock is a admittedly a tad odd, reminds me a bit of a carnival maybe. I do love the hat but the random purple piece of rabbit fur is a bit off-putting to me.
Ludmila is a colorful girl, she has bright blue eyeshadow and eyes, purple eyelashes and bright red hair. I actually like her face up quite a bit especially the blue eye shadow as it is very vibrant.
My original intention was to take Blaze out for a shoot at the rose garden, something else kept popping up distracting me and then there was a wedding in the rose garden, while I was on the other side of the garden and not in the way or anything it was just weird and awkward so I decided to make a quick exit.
Blaze Blaze Blaze

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2 Responses to 172/365- Pullip Ludmila

  1. Edhola says:

    Ludmila is very differently ♥
    I also Ludmila and her name is Charlie ^^

    I love her so much but I want to change her mouth.

    • kleintoys says:

      First, I am so sorry for delay in response I have been very ill and have not been online at all recently ^^; Ludmilla is a very unique and colorful girl.

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