170/365- Requiemart Custom Pullip Duela Dent

As I mentioned in a previous entry on the way up to the Animadness meet, I stopped at Requiemart‘s to pick up a custom Pullip. The custom Pullip was of course the delightfully demented Duela Dent.
The custom Duela Dent Pullip is based off of a relatively obscure DC comic book character, she is very stylized interpretation of the character. The short form of her back story is something like this- Duela Dent is from another world (Earth-3)  within the DC multi-verse where everything is opposite of the normal DC Universe- a heroic Jokester (Joker) fights the evil Owlman (Batman) as well as other members of the crime syndicate Ultraman, Superwoman etc. Duela is actually the daughter of the heroic Jokester (as well as the female good guy er.. girl version of Two-Face). Unfortunately for Duela, her consciousness unknowingly shifts from Earth-3 and mainline continuity, two worlds that are as different as night and day as a result of the stress of constantly changing worlds and basically not knowing which end is up anymore she becomes a bit unhinged (before she is eventually killed ^^;).
170/365- Custom Pullip Duela Dent

Duela was originally one of several heavily damaged Pullip heads Requiemart acquired last summer . It’s really hard to believe it’s the same doll, when you look at what she started out as….it’s especially bad when you also realize that Duela’s head was the least damaged head of the bunch.
Head G: Front
Requiemart had intentions of making a cute clown custom Pullip to donate to Puddle unfortunately clowns can quickly go from cute to very creepy. When it became apparent that she was turning out way too creepy, Requiemart decided to make a second clown custom the super cute Puddles to donate instead. Once the original head was deemed too creepy for the Puddle custom, I approached Requiemart about  turning it into a stylized version of Duela Dent.
Duela Dent
Basically everything on Duela is custom, with the exception of her hat and shoes Requiemart made her entire outfit. She also made her wig as it was the only way to get the desired color, her wig is actually made up of a mix of two different shades of green wefts from coolcat. The wig was styled asymmetrically, it is intentionally cut pretty crazily for that manic “I cut my hairz with razor blades all by myself” look. Requiemart even customized one of Duela’s eyes…
She's got a killer smile
Requiemart  hand painted Duela’s swirly eye with FX paint, so it has a bit of a glow about it which also really makes it really pop in photos.
Duela Dent
When I saw her finally completed for person the first time this past weekend, I was absolutely stunned by how amazing she was. Photos do not even do this girl justice.
Duela Dent
I absolutely love photographing her, she is extremely photogenic and I just love her manic presence.
Duela Dent
I absolutely love her killer grin.
Duela Dent & Harley Quinn
I did take a few pictures of my Pullip Harley Quinn (also by Requiemart) with Duela, unfortunately both dolls have such big head gear getting them to pose together can be quite problematic.
Duela Dent and Harley Quinn
Duela is actually on a 25cm as opposed to a 27cm obitsu as she is only supposed to be a teenager, so she is a bit shorter than Harley Quinn. I must admit I have a weakness for short/small dolls especially since I am fairly petite myself (4’10 ^^;).
I’m noticing an increasing problem with Duela, she is so awesome I really don’t want to play with any of my other toys ^^; I’m not saying she has usurped Clementine as my favorite Pullip (yet anyway) but I think I can safely she is my favorite custom Pullip. I think she is quite possibly Requiemart’s best custom, she really outdid herself with Duela.
Believe it or not, there are even more photos on flickr.

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  1. She has an interesting backstory, her fictional world sounds interesting.

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