164/365- Dal Satti

I’m skipping ahead a day… Ever since Satti was announced, I had a definite plan of what I wanted to do with her. While everyone else scoffed at her outfit, the second I saw it I knew that it was obviously herbcut up  curtains and sheets that she had used to make herself a pirate costume. I decided that my Satti had been taken prisoner by pirates and was subsequently ransomed off, unfortunately she decided the pirate life was for her (after all who doesn’t want to be a pirate?).
164/365- Satti Dal (Stockholm)
I decided to name her Stockholm.

Satti Satti Satti

Satti face up
Stockholm seems to be especially proud of her hat, it is rather fabulous after all.
Don't I have a fabulous hat?
Aye, aye captain.
She makes a perfect pouty pirate.
Underneath the coat, her outfit is actually pretty cute. As odd as some of the color combinations are, they actually seem to go together.
A photo with her idol Veritas.
Veritas and Stockholm

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