144/365- Sakura DD

Since it’s been a while since I took her out for photos, I decided to take my Sakura DD out for photos last week. It was such a nice day, we stopped at a park close to my job one day after work for out little photography session.
144/365- Sakura DD

I always seem to have a much harder time photographing the more shy/serene girls, I have a lot more fun photographing the more adventurous girls like my Rin DD who is forever climbing trees and getting into various mischief.
Sakura Dd
Sakura tends to get overlooked compared to Rin and the various Saber Lily releases, she is extremely lovely. I think her character translated over to Dollfie Dream exceptionally well.
Sakura DD
Some additional pictures can be found on my Flickr.

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1 Response to 144/365- Sakura DD

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I love Sakura! I actually like her more than Saber and Rin. If I had lost the Beato lottery I was debating if I should try and track her down as my first DD instead.

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