109/365- Dal Dotori (Heidi)

Dal Dotori was another birthday present, I’ve been slowly working on opening up all the dolls I received as birthday presents over the past couple of weeks. Dotori was the dal release for this past September although she had always been a favorite of mine I somehow never managed to get my hands on her before now.
109/365- Heidi (Dal Dotori)
I decided to name her Heidi after the film/book as it was all I could think of when I saw this dal.

Dotori in the box Dotori in the box Dotori in the box
Dotori’s stock is really cute but mine had a couple of stock flaws part of her hood had a ripped stitch and there was a small tear on her dress. The quality of stock clothes is still hit or miss. I just wanted to add a note that there have been several reports of her wig’s braids spontaneously coming down, so far I’ve been lucky with my girl but I have heard from some other owners who were not so lucky.
Dotori Face Up
I love Dotori’s face up although I find myself wishing her wig was positioned just a tad lower, as it leaves quite a bit of forehead exposed. On the bright side, I didn’t have to try and use hairclips to get a good clear shot of her face up haha. Dotori’s face up especially the eyelashes on the underside remind of my Rovam’s, she would probably make a great little sister for Rovam (or at the very least a close friend to my Dal Rovam- Rum).
I’m glad I did end up getting her as she is absolutely darling. I’m also quite happy that the flowers are starting to come out so I can do more outdoor photography.
I did end up ditching the hood for a few pictures as it was a bit awkward to work with.
Even more pictures of my little Heidi here

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