102/365- Justice League Joker Figure

This Joker figure has been on my wishlist for quite a while, unfortunately it is normally pretty hard to come by. The figure was part of the Justice League line of figures based off of the artwork of Alex Ross. It has been admittedly out for a few years now but most other Joker figures from the same time period are not fetching $60-$100 that this one commands.
102/365- Justice League Joker Figure
I happened to get lucky on ebay with mine, I bid on an auction that was ending in an hour that had no bids on it in the $25 range and fully expected to get sniped, somehow I did not get sniped and got him for a steal haha!

The Alex Ross Joker seems to be the same mold as the Joker figure that comes in the Mad Love giftset, I’m not 100% sure as I have not deboxed my Mad Love figures yet though.

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