73/365- Dal Drta (Valentina)

I recently bought a Drta dal off of one of the pullips livejournal communities, she came in the mail earlier today so I decided to feature her for picture of the day. She came to me rewigged in a gorgeous pink mohair wig. I’m a sucker for mohair ^^;
73/365 Valentina
I was originally kind of stumped for a name for her but I eventually I decided to name her Valentina, after the very old song “My Valentina”.

Valentina had one other slight alteration, she had a manicure done so now her nails are a nice pearly pink to match her outrageous hair/outfit even better.
I was not honestly sure how well all the pink would go with Drta’s orange toned face up but it really makes her face up pop.
I love mohair, it’s amazingly soft and it’s fun to photograph.
I may change her eyechips out eventually but I am very much happy with her as is at the moment.

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