71/365- Pullip Clara (Rosa)

I’ve had Pullip Clara for a while now but I never photographed her before yesterday as I haven’t really been photographing pullips as much lately.  Clara was one of this year’s Doll Carnival exclusives, I was lucky enough to get her through Pullipstyle. Normally getting the Doll Carnival limiteds is a bit troublesome and quite expensive but this year Pullipstyle was able to get some in stock (they still have a limited quantity of Clara and Chloi but Sweet Risa is sold out).
71/365 Pullip Clara- Rosa
This year’s Doll Carnival limited pullips were green and pink themed bunny pullips, Clara is the pink themed twin and Chloi is the other.

Clara reminds me a of Hello Kitty a bit. I love how her pink lips are.
Clara’s stock is actually pretty nice quality. Her bunny ears are little hair clips, which I actually like a lot better than Chloi’s ears which are sewn into a little hairband (which looks a bit silly in my opinion).
Somewhat recently (well in 2008) Jun Planning/Groove Inc integrated the ability for pullips to keep their eyes closed (ie, sleepy eyes) unfortunately it was not flawless. Instead of the eyes completely closing they only closed 3/4 of the way so instead of looking like pullip was sleeping, it looked like she was a bit tipsy. More recently they seemed to have fixed this issue and now Pullip can completely close her eyes.
I personally prefer to leave off the bunny ears.
Clara is a seriously gorgeous girl, she pales a bit in comparison to her twin Clara for me anyway but I think the favoritism is due to green being my favorite color.
Clara has very pretty eye chips, they are a very vibrant blue.

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6 Responses to 71/365- Pullip Clara (Rosa)

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I agree, those eye chips really are striking.

    • kleintoys says:

      I prefer it when the eyechips are bold and striking, dal especially seems to be going through this period of different shades of brown that are a bit dull ^^;

  2. Jackie says:

    should i get her or chloi???

    • kleintoys says:

      I personally prefer Chloi as I love green and not many pullips have green eye make up, quite a few have pink. Chloi reminds me a bit of Hello Kitty. Both girls are really lovely, if I could have only got one it would have been Chloi though ^^;

  3. Jackie says:

    Thank you 🙂

    I going to try to convince my dad to buy me both 🙂

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