68/365- Feena Fam Earthlight Nendoroid

I got a package in the mail yesterday, I was so excited I opened it immediately then I had a moment of blind panic as I thought I had unintentionally opened birthday gifts early. My blind panic was temporarily reinforced by my confessing that I had opened up a box of nendoroids by mistake, only one problem they didn’t mean these nendoroids which kind of implies I will be getting some nendoroids for my birthday. I was so focused on incoming birthday stuff, that I forgot I was still waiting on a package of stuff that I bought ^^; In addition to the Feena nendoroid, I got the last two K-on nendoroids Azusu and Tsumugi I needed to complete the cast (just the basics I have not gone after any of the LE K-on nendoroids as of yet) and a couple of pinky street. I decided to open up Feena and then use her for picture of the day.
67/365 Feena Nendoroid
Feena Fam Earthlight is from Yoake Mae Yori Ruri-iro Na, which was originally an eroge game. I’ve always really loved Feena’s character design so I am very happy they made a nendoroid version of her. I really love her sleepy face, it’s so very sweet and adorable.
Feena Feena Feena

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