64/365- Final Fantasy XIII Vanille Figure

I stopped at ToysRus to pick up some more coloring books for zilla who is apparently an aspiring artist and I noticed the Final Fantasy XIII Play Art Figures were now in the clearance section. I had never bought any of the FFXIII Play Arts as I haven’t played any of the more recent Final Fantasy games; I played FFX and FFX-2 that was enough to put me off the franchise for a bit ^^; Since they were marked down to $25 each so I decided to buy Vanille as I have always been very fond of her character design.
64/365 Vanille Figure

I love how detailed this figure is but at the same time for how much detail was put into the outfit I find myself a bit disappointed with her face, it seems like they didn’t put that much effort in compared to her costume.
Vanille joins my army of around twenty or so Play Arts, I used to collect them more steadily but Vanille and Jack Skellington have been my only more recent additions to my Play Arts army.

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2 Responses to 64/365- Final Fantasy XIII Vanille Figure

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    The voice of Yoko plays the voice of Vanille in the Japanese version of FFXIII. I didn’t care for the English voice much I would have loved to have heard that Japanese seiyu instead. HAHAHA I can understand how FFX-2 would put someone off from the franchise…that was a game I forced myself through. I’m not as enthusiastic about Final Fantasy like I once was. These days I get more excited about Persona/Shin Megami and Dragon Quest games.

    • kleintoys says:

      Most of the time if there is an option I will listen to the Japanese voice cast if I can with games. I love the earlier Final Fantasy games and I still love to play Final Fantasy VII on my psp pretty regularly, I also like the nintendo ds Final Fantasy game (can’t remember if it is III or IV).

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