58/365- Toy Vault x Newbury Comics & Other Loot

We decided to take one last little road trip this weekend. Toy Vault was closing one of their locations due to the fact they were like the last store open in that particular mall (seriously could film a Dawn of the Dead remake in there), so I wanted to see what was left as well as visit their new location and there was a Newbury Comics not too far away….
58/365 The haul

Purchased at the closing Toy Vault, I paid about $15 for all of it-
-Comics- Various mostly older Catwoman and random Batman comics
– N64 controller- I have a working N64 and a working copy of Goldeneye needed another controller for our multi-player purposes.
-Planet Terror- Dakato and the Rapist #2 Figure – Loved this movie and they were dirt cheap (plus I always wanted a Quentin Tarantino action figure)
– Bane figure by Yamato-I’m not the biggest Bane fan but this is one of the better Bane figures and I didn’t have a figure of him yet at all.
-Couple of loose figures from Batman the Animated Series (Joker & Mad Hatter) & loose Sniper Wolf figure from Metal Gear Solid
and the Castle Greyskull which the zilla absolutely insisted I buy her, it has since been used by the zilla to stage an epic G.I. Joe vs Dora and the unicorns battle which the Joes lost.
Harley Quinn Bust
At the newer Toy Vault, I found one of my other Harley Quinn grails the older release of Women of the DC Universe Harley Quinn bust. I paid quite a bit for her but she was worth it.

Stopped at Walmart to get some drinks ended up picking up the two Blythe LPS and the little kiddie Joker and Batman toys, as well as the Zatanna figure and the Liv Doll both of which were on clearance.  I had been looking for the kiddie Batman and Joker set for a while but this was the first time I had spotted it in the store.

The first trip to Newbury Comics was mostly uneventful, we picked up the Marvel Select War Machine (kind of disappointing once I deboxed him he is not as poseable as my cheaper War Machine figure :/) and a small Black Jack vinyl toy. I had noticed they had both the War Machine Hot Toys as well as the Shunya Yamashita Bishoujo Series Batgirl figure. Normally I loathe Shunya figures with a deep passion but somehow his stylization just seems to work for the superheroes. I was going to be good so I did not buy either, stopped for dinner nearby got about halfway home before turning around and going back for the War Machine Hot Toys and the Batgirl figure ^^;
Desk Shenanigans- Mizuho from Onegai Teacher x War Machine from Iron-Man
Of course the War Machine Hot Toys has been up to nothing but shenanigans since he got home.

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