52/365- Animadness x Outer Limits x Toy Vault Loot

As I mentioned earlier, I had the day off today and decided to make the most of it but taking a bit of a road trip to Animadness and a couple of comic book shops in the area.
52/365- Animadness x Outer Limits x Toy Vault Loot
Outer Limits is down the street from Animadness and was my first stop of the day. I wanted to go Outer Limits first because the last time I had been there I had spotted a Harley Quinn snow globe that have since been regretting not buying on my previous trip. Much to my dismay, I was unable to locate the Harley Quinn snow globe so I picked up some other stuff including some stuff from the Batman the Animated Series (two Joker figures, a Joker plush, playing cards and a puzzle), some comics and a Harley Quinn glass. As I was leaving I spotted the Harley Quinn snow globe back in the box on a very high shelf so I very quickly returned to the register to buy it too. The Harley Quinn snow globe was one of my grail Harley Quinn items so I was very excited to finally add her to my collection.

After going to Animadness I went to Animadness, the plan for today was to go with yesterday’s directive and buy more nendoroids. This initiative was only partially successful, I did buy a nendoroid the newest version of Saber as well I already have all the other versions of nendoroid Saber and it was really starting to bother me that there was a Saber nendoroid out there somewhere that I did not own. Not on the agenda today was a pullip purchase, I looked at their selection online this morning and decided that I would be safe from any temptation then as I was speaking to one of the workers I spied a Prunella over his shoulder. I had been wanting another Prunella, unfortunately I had only came to this decision that after Prunella had a massive surge of popularity after she appeared in the background of an episode of Hannah Montana ^^; I couldn’t resist her and Animadness sweetened the deal with a free blind box re-ment. I also picked up the new Vocaloid Miku Sega Prize figure after seeing her on display in one of their display cases, I couldn’t believe she was actually a Sega Prize figure she is full on the most impressive Sega Prize figure I have ever seen. I also picked up a K-on! towel as I realized I can still actually see the ceiling in part of my bedroom and that kind of frightens me.

On the way home, I stopped at Toy Vault. I ended up picking up two very old Akira figures by Macfarlane Toys, really I just wanted the bike which I theorize will be full on brilliant sized for the Monster High dolls (oh yes I am planning blasphemy) but I ended up getting the figure as well. I also spotted a Harley Quinn doll I had not seen before, it even came with Joker’s pet hyenas Bud and Lou. They also had the Harley Quinn Marionette it was over $300, it was amazing but I had really already spent enough money lately and I had no idea where I would have put the thing if I had bought it ^^;

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2 Responses to 52/365- Animadness x Outer Limits x Toy Vault Loot

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I own that SEGA Miku too, I really like her for the price.

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