38/365- My other new electronic toy.. and getting organized

I got a replacement for my HP Mini 1000 on Sunday, it’s an Acer Aspire One. The HP Mini unfortunately did not survive a zilla attack and Target was running a special on the Acer Aspire so it seemed like an elegant solution. It was kind of funny, the clerk apologized as it was supposed to come with a free case but all they had left was a very bright purple which indirectly prompted the laptop to of course be named The Joker.

This picture was taken in the living room, which is now somewhat known as the Batcave basically because it has all sorts of gadgets in it (computers, tv with no less than twenty two things hooked up to it, etc).  I’ve got various Batman toys surrounding the new netbook as well as a Joker figure and the mug Requiemart gave me for Christmas.
38/365.... the other new electronic toy
Please excuse the mess in the background, we made an Ikea run over the weekend and my living room is still kind of waiting room for to be assembled furniture. Ikea is approximately a three hour round trip from my apartment so when we go we like to make the most of it so I got two new Detolf, a new office chair, a very green lamp, a new tv unit as well as a glass tabletop (they were out of the damn legs I wanted for it). Unfortunately we went to assemble one of the Detolf today only to realize it was in fact broken so we have to take it back also my black desk chair is white but I am just going to try and deal with that.

I’m really attempting to focus on being better organized this year. This started with a massive effort in the apartment, we got a lot done but there is still a lot of stuff we are working on like the doll room which is a bit chaotic at the moment. I am also putting effort into organizing this website but it is admittedly on somewhat of the backburner as we work on the apartment itself. I did some work on the site itself last night using the new netbook. I compiled a list of all the taeyang releases which I had been meaning to do for and updated all the related lists (pullip, dal, byul). I also updated all the owned dolls lists last night with the exception of pullip as I still have a few pullips I have not really photographed at all ^^; I am hoping to add a new pullip to the pullip index every day but I am not sure how realistic a goal that really is.  Once everything is better organized in the apartment I am going to start focusing again on doing a photo inventory of my collection. The anime figures are being neglected here lately, I still have not photographed a lot of them with my DSLR yet. Frankly the quality of my older photographs bother me to the point where I don’t want to use them.

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