29/365 Byul Paulia Get

I decided to treat myself to a doll last week, I browsed Pullipstyle and even though they did in fact have pullips and dals in stock that I actually “needed” I chose to buy myself a byul.  I have had my eye on Paulia for quite some time, she has always been one of my favorite byul releases but she tends to be out of stock frequently so when I finally saw her in stock I decided to go ahead and get her.
29/365 Miracle (Byul Paulia)
I do not regret my decision as she is full on adorable.

Paulia in the box Paulia in the box Paulia in the box
I think Paulia is probably the most broadly appealing byul to date, even people who hate byul admit she is kind of cute. I absolutely adore her little sheep hat unfortunately mine broke immediately after I deboxed her :/ I need to sew it but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.
Paulia in the box
I will admit, I am already contemplating Paulia twins in the back of my mind even though my interest in byul is supposed to be limited. Ideally, I was not supposed to have any byuls then the comic-con exclusive peaked my interest then I thought a nude byul couldn’t hurt and well now Paulia is my seventh. I would still like to eventually get the Steampunk byul Rhiannon, Humpty Dumpty (I’m an Alice addict ^^;) and the forthcoming release Sucre.
I decided to name my Paulia, Miracle. It’s admittedly a bit of an odd name but at this point I am out of normal names and it just seemed to fit her.

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