4/365- Peteena (Fifi Leroux) and Poodle

When I was growing up we always had poodles as pets. My mother used to be very big into antiques and would pick up anything poodle related she could find, I have small poodle statues dating back to the 1920s, postcards, etc and of course Peteena. Peteena was made by Hasbro in the 1960s, she is a poodle doll. I named her Fifi Leroux when my mother gave her to me and I have probably had her for the better part of fifteen years now.
4/365- Peteena & Poodle
I am still rather fond of poodles even though I don’t have one right now as a pet (this year was a bad pet year for me, I lost my last poodle and two cats T_T) so I still pick up the odd poodle thing that catches my eye. On a recent trip to Walmart I spotted a pink/white Littlest Pet Shop poodle and thought she would make the perfect pet for Fifi Leroux

Fifi Leroux and Fluffy
Fifi is in pretty good shape despite her age, the only major problem is she came to me missing her tail which is pretty common from what I understand. From my research a while ago, I think the dress she came in is actually from an optional clothing set. There is not a whole lot of information on these things ^^;
Fifi Leroux

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4 Responses to 4/365- Peteena (Fifi Leroux) and Poodle

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Wow! You kept your childhood doll in wonderful condition! She looks great.

    • kleintoys says:

      I screwed up her eyelashes a bit on the left side when I was little, they are slightly bent now but considering she is almost 45 years old I think she is in pretty good shape. Thanks 😀

  2. vivian says:

    Your Peteena Fifi is adorable. The petshop poodle looks great with her.
    My Peteena lost her tail many years ago. I broke a Q-Tip into the proper length and “puffed” the end a bit. It looks like her original tail!

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