Psht Dolly Diets are for the weak.. and 365 Doll Project Battle Report

So I was supposed to be on a dolly diet that this month, it of course has ended in spectacular failure. How spectacular a failure?
Madness, Anarchy and Mayhem
I only had one Noir two weeks ago. It all started out so innocently this month by ordering a Melissa to go along with my Bonita preorder.Then of course Pullipstyle had a damaged Tiphonia so she got ordered as well… Then I met with Requiemart and well Nelliel and Streak (aka Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn) were planned purchases so they really don’t count, right? I bought three dolls including Noir #2 but they were immediately confiscated and put up as Christmas gifts. I sold my Afternoon to somewhat keep things an even keel but it didn’t stop there… I found a Jupi (Vesper Rose) and a My Melody for sale at really good prices both in a need of just a little tender loving care. Then I found some other dolls in need of some intense tender loving care including an armless, legless Naomi with a hellish haircut, a baity Lala and a baity Alte. Then the person I bought Jupi and My Melody from put her Fourrure and Panda up for sale. So yes, there were some extreme dolly diet failures this month ^^;

It’s been a long time so this is going to be a massive post ^^;
107/365 Daisy
107/365 Daisy
Model- Pullip-Bouquet
Name- Daisy
Mods- Hair cut
Bio- Daisy is a sweet and kind girl. She used to be picked on quite a bit because of her unusual appearance (lack of eyebrows) but through her own unfailingly kind actions people generally grew to accept her. Daisy loves flowers and wants to be a florist when she grows up. She is somewhat of a shy girl, she idolizes Poison Ivy for her great love of plants as well as her raw sexuality (Daisy is too shy to talk to boys let alone seduce them).

108/365 CC
108/365 CC
Model- Pullip-DDalgi
Name- CC (Candy Cane)
Mods- None
Bio- Candy Cane prefers to go by CC as she is somewhat embarrassed by her sweet name. CC works at Johanna’s bakery and sweets shop, she is a confectioner. She makes all sorts of yummy candy from peppermint sticks to lollipops as well as well as marzipan and fudge. She hates licorice with a burning passion so she refuses to make it. She has a mostly sweet personality unless you speak negatively about candy whether it be as a contributing factor to obesity or mentioning the cavities sometimes associated with massive consumption of candy. She also explains that candy as well as other sweets are meant to be enjoyed in moderation and that people should enjoy her treats but not gobble them up like greedy hogs.

Christmas is CC’s favorite holiday, she puts out her Christmas decorations the day after Halloween (her 2nd favorite holiday). She still believes in Santa Claus.

109/365 Perpetual Pumpkin
109/365 Perpetual Pumpkin
Model- Blythe- Vsmash
Name- Perpetual Pumpkin
Mods- None
Bio- Perpetual Pumpkin is a physics major and studies perpetual motion and whether it is actually possible or not. She is a great lover of cars and loves the BBC show Top Gear. She also loves the color orange.
(ps. my car she matches it :O)

110/365 Ruby Mydeare
110/365 Ruby Mydeare
Model- Pullip- Kirsche
Name- Ruby Mydeare
Mods- None
Bio- Ruby is a fierce firecracker. She is loud, stubborn and convinced that she is always right. She will never back down from a challenge and is extremely competitive.

111/365 Selina
111/365 Selina
Model- Pullip- Selina
Name- Sabrina
Mods- Rewigged
Bio- A great lover of fashion and the finer things in life, Selina has resorted to thievery to support her lavish lifestyle. She is very intelligent and could probably support herself by legitimate means but thievery is much more fun and exciting for her.

112/365 Tea
112/365 Tea
Model- Pullip- Tiphonia
Name- Tea
Mods- None
Bio- Designer lolita fashion enthusiast and tea aficionado. Tea has spent a lot of time in China, she is now fluent in Chinese and works as a translator to support her lolita/tea addictions. Tea is hardworking and industrious but she also likes to travel all over the world, rarely staying in one place for very long.

113/365 Button
113/365 Button
Model- Pullip- Papin
Name- Button
Mods- Replaced earring, rewigged and has a scar on her nose.
Bio- Button is a bit of a maniacal inventor, working at a frenzied pace on whatever bizarre contraption she is making. She is obsessively focused on whatever the task at hand is, the ends will always justify the means if it aids her efforts in any way. While she is bright, ruthless and willing to use and abuse anyone to get what she wants, she is still very much a girly girl who enjoys shoe shopping and everything cute. She has previously studied under the Comprachico.

Button is a member of the rainbow mafia, she makes various tools to aid them in their adventures. Her specialty is turning the most unlikely and cute items into weapons, she wishes to dispatch her enemies in only the most adorable way possible. Watch out for exploding teddy bears and flame throwing Hello Kitty items around her. She is the leader of the beta team of the rainbow mafia.
114/365 Parfait
114/365 Parfait
Model- Dal- Magical Pink-chan
Name- Parfait
Mods- Parfait is a sweet young girl, lost in fantasy-land. She is an obsessive cosplayer, enjoying dressing up as her favorite characters but she often takes it a bit too far. Her cosplay efforts almost border on method acting at times, she loses herself and the new character completely takes over. She is an excellent seamstress and makes all of her own costumes. She is best friends with fellow cosplayer Mint.

115/365 Jessica
115/365 Jessica
Model- Pullip-Stica
Name- Jessica
Mods- Rewigged mohair
Bio- Jessica is a vegan and a member of PETA, she believes animals should have equal with humans and that they are our friends. She is an idealist and a dreamer.

116/365 Ilsa
116/365 Ilsa
Model- Pullip-Melissa
Name- Ilsa
Mods- None
Bio- Ilsa works as a guard an asylum for the criminally insane. Before finding work as a guard she worked as a stripper. She has insatiable sexual appetite and has been known to be excessively cruel. She can be a ditz at times, but rarely admits her mistakes instead forcing the wronged party into submission.

117/365 Sapphire
117/365 Sapphire
Model- Pullip-Aya
Name- Sapphire
Mods- None
Bio- Spoiled heiress who loves to party. She is a shopahollic, she thinks there is nothing more important in life than shopping. Sapphire is extremely vain and shallow.Best friends with Vintage.

118/365 Lilandra
118/365 Lilandra
Model- Pullip-Bonita
Name- Lilandra
Mods- None
Bio- Lilandra is the fashion icon as well as the stylist for all the big name pullips. She has written an extremely popular book called “Pullip: Complete Style” which shows the ins and outs of the pullip fashion world. She sometimes gives fashion advice to others whether they are welcome to the idea or not. Lilandra spends basically all of her free time keeping up on the latest trends and fashions from around the world. She is friends with Scandal.

119/365 Foxxy
119/365 Foxxy
Model- Blythe- Heather Sky
Name- Foxxy
Mods- None
Bio- Foxxy is a scandalous young starlet. She is very sassy, she never backs down from a fight or admits that she is wrong.

120/365 Streak (Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn)
120/365 Streak aka Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn
Model- Pullip- Mir
Name- Streak (Harley Quinn)
Mods- Rechipped, customized
Bio- The Streak is a super villain who perpetrates all of her misdeeds in the buff. Since everyone is so distracted by her heavenly body when she is in the nude, she has and can get away with murder. Streak is athletic and acrobatic. No one knows the Streak’s true identity as she has never been seen without her mask on (the one thing she will wear!), some people suspect the Streak is an alias for another much more famous super villain.
I love Harley Quinn. I already have a classic Harley Quinn custom pullip done by Requiemart but I love her new character design they developed for the Arkham Asylum game. Requiemart customized a Mir for me, but I haven’t found the proper wig for her yet or commissioned her clothes. I wasn’t planning on unveiling her until I had done so but then I tried the pink wig on her that was meant for one of my other dolls and decided that until she is complete she will be known as the nude super villain the Streak. Requiemart was right photographing nude dolls is fun..

I decided to feature Streak’s bio since once she is done AA Harley Quinn is basically going to have the same bio as regular Harley Quinn so it would be a bit repetitive to post both of them.

121/365 Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
121/365 Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Model- Pullip- Raphia (we think ^^;)
Name- Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Mods- Complete custom by Requiemart
Bio- Nelliel is an Arrancar and former Espada. She is a noble warrior refusing to fight against weaker opponents and is somewhat of a pacifist compared to the rest of the Espada. She will protect those who are near and dear to her. Nelliel was the 3rd Espada, Nnoitra defeated her by using treachery and taking her fraccion captive. Once her hollow mask was broken by a sneak attack she was tossed down to Los Noches with her fraccion where she was reborn into her child form. In times of great stress otherwise she remains in her child-form. Although she fears Shingami she has a soft spot for Ichigo.

122/365 Emma
122/365 Emma
Model- Pullip- Haute LA
Name- Emma
Mods- None
Bio- A cool girl with an icy demeanor. Emma is the most popular girl in her circle of friends but most of them are just friends with her out of fear of her razor sharp tongue lashing out at them. She is outright viscous in her take down of perceived rivals and is absolutely ruthless when ti comes to be popular.

123/365 Poppy
123/365 Poppy
Model- Byul- Cocette
Name- Poppy
Mods- None
Bio- Poor Poppy is afraid of her own shadow. She is absolutely terrified of everything and has dozens of phobias from the more common phobias such as acrophobia to the more abstract emetophobia. She is almost paranoid in her over cautious nature. Her best friend if Alabama, who tries to push her to try new things and not to be so afraid of everything all the time.

124/365 Lucien
124/365 Lucien
Model- Taeyang- Timulus
Name- Lucien
Mods- None
Bio- Lucien is a former disciple of the Comprachico. He is a mad inventor. His ethics are questionable especially when it comes to using unsuspecting live test subjects for his experiments. He lacks compassion and will use and abuse people for his own gain.

125/365 Karen
125/365 Karen
Model- Pullip- Fall Purezza
Name- Karen
Mods- None
Bio- Karen is the daughter to an extremely wealthy mogul. While she is a unrepentant shopaholic she is not entirely without a social conscience. She has founded an extremely popular fashion line for children and all the profits go towards different child-centered charities. She has traveled the world searching for fashion ideas but she also volunteers to help the underprivileged wherever she goes. Her and Vintage are part of the same social circle but can not stand each other, vintage considers her to be a goody goody for wasting time/energy on poor people and Karen thinks Vintage is shallow.

126/365 Princess
125/365 Princess
Model- Fairyland- Pukipuki- Cupid 2
Name- Princess
Mods- None
Bio- Princess is a spoiled little brat. Princess is completely self absorbed, she is extremely childish and selfish (she will not share her toys). She truly believes the world revolves around her. She often speaks in the third person.

127/365 Vesper Rose
126/365 Vesper Rose
Model- Pullip-Jupi
Name- Vesper Rose
Mods- Rechipped and rewigged in mohair + obitsu
Bio- Vesper Rose is a robot. She was brought to earth by the alien sisters Starshine and Starlight along with their crew Jupin and Tragedy. Vesper Rose was created to be Starlight’s stunt double for all dangerous missions, has since mostly been used to do chores Starlight was not wanting to do herself. Her English language software was improperly downloaded when they came to earth so she has a tendency to use bizarre word choices so the sisters attempt to keep contact her with the general public limited.

128/365 Piper
127/365 Piper
Model- Pullip-My Melody
Name- Piper
Mods- rewigged, will be rechipped
Bio- Piper is a bright, optimistic girl. She loves kitschy things and everything vintage. She has a weakness for unappreciated items at flea markets and has tons of junk she has collected over the years. Although she is an extremely gifted artist her greatest desire is to be a cartoonist.

129/365 Eve
128/365 Eve
Model- Pullip- Afternoon
Name- Eve
Mods- None
Bio- Eve is a fashion buyer for a famous demanding stylist. The stylist wants only the very best for her clients so poor Eve is constantly traveling worldwide in order to find the latest and greatest fashions. She dreams of someday bring a stylist herself. She absolutely loves vintage clothing and uses almost of all her meager paychecks on expanding her massive wardrobe.

130/365 Lillian
129/365 Lillian
Model- Pullip- Raphia
Name- Lillian
Mods- None
Bio- Lillian is a sweet girl. She is an optimist and has a sunny disposition. She is very pure and innocent, she is such an optimist she borders on naive. She doesn’t quite a firm grounding on how the world really works and believes the best in everyone. She has an unbridled love of cake and believes the right cake can solve any problem after all who can argue when there is delicious cake around.

131/365 Jasmine of Bahrain
130/365 Jasmine of Bahrain
Model- Pullip- Nahh-ato
Name- Jasmine of Bahrain
Mods- None
Bio- Jasmine of Bahrain was a genie. After a lifetime of faithful service her master’s dying wish was to free her from the responsibilities of being a genie. She retains her powers but is now longer confined to her bottle most of the time. With her newfound freedom, Jasmine travels the world as she wants for the first time in her very long life.

132/365 Mayhem
Model- Pullip- Noir
Name- Mayhem
Mods- Cut wind scalp, replaced chain
Bio- Mayhem is pure evil, she loves causing drama and strife wherever she goes. She will find a way to ruin your day and make your life a living hell.

133/365 Metro
132/365 Metro
Model- Pullip- Street
Name- Metro
Mods- None
Bio- Metro loves hustle of living in the big city . She owns a small boutique that sells mostly vintage clothing plus a few of her own designs. When she is not working on her boutique she is clubbing, she loves to go out drinking and dancing.

134/365 Kaya
133/365 Kaya
Model- Pullip- Happy Birthday Pullip 2
Name- Kaya
Mods- Rewigged
Bio- Bossy, stubborn and headstrong Kaya is Sawyer’s soul mate although she doesn’t quite want to admit that yet.

135/365 Jupin
Model- Dal- Frara
Name- Jupin
Mods- Custom by Princesschuchi
Bio- Jupin is an alien. She accompanied Starshine, Starlight and Tragedy when they crash landed on earth. Unlike Starshine and Starlight she has no real desire to fit in with humans she simply wishes to rule them, because of her public outbursts she mostly stays at home in their base out of fear that she would expose their true identities to the pitiful humans.

136/365 Fiona
135/365 Fiona
Model- Pullip_Fourrure
Name- Fiona
Mods- None, going to be obitsued shortly though.
Bio- Fiona is sisters with Natalie, Paja, Raja and Autumn. She is the second eldest after Autumn, instead of helping raise her younger sisters when her parents died as Autumn had she decided to run off to Hollywood immediately following their death. Fiona is moderately famous actress, her manager is Hollis Heartspark. She is vain and somewhat self absorbed but she has a true passion for the cinema.

137/365 Lalana
136/365 Lalana
Model- Pullip- Saras
Name- Lalana
Mods- None
Bio- Lalana is a theology major and enjoys studying about the different religious cultures around the world. She has traveled around the world over the course of her studies to learn more about the different cultures in depth and became fascinated with the idea of Eastern mysticism.

138/365 Tangy Tangerine
Model- Blythe- Simply Mango
Name- Tangy Tangerine
Mods- None
Bio-Tangy Tangerine is a bright and vibrant girl, full of life. She is a bit of a tart but she is fiercely loyal to her friends.

139/365 Lei Lei
139/365 Lei Lei
Model- Pullip- China China
Name- Lei Lei
Mods- None
Bio- Lei Lei was raised to be very tradition oriented, she always resented her formal upbringing so she rebelled the first chance she got and has moved to the US. Although she was raised to believe women should not work, she now owns and manages a very successful business that specializes in rare and exotic teas. Lei Lei is Su-Lin’s lover. Lei Lei is the more dominant of the two and often refers to Su-lin as her pet.

140/365 Hecate
140/365 Hecate
Model- Pullip- Elisabeth
Name- Hecate
Mods- None
Bio- Hecate is a vampire, she is still considered a fledgling even though she has been alive for 100s of years now. Akasha was the one that turned her into a vampire. Before she was turned she was renowned for her beauty and was quite vain, now that she has a “death pallor” she is not quite so vain. She chooses to hunt only the most beautiful victims.

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  1. polty says:

    *is now a perma-fan of Candy Cane* (i prefer to call her that just because she doesn’t like it x3

  2. polty says:

    CC’s like a deep thinker i think… omg i’m deriving too much from that one photo and description xD

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