Get- Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid

Remember back when this blog used to be primarily be about anime figures? As my tastes have changed and evolved,  I have moved away from figure collecting and focusing primarily on my dolls instead. I kind of lost my desire to photograph figures so they have become a bit neglected; I still have  anime figures hanging around the apartment that I haven’t even opened yet.

I attempted to give myself a kick start to hopefully revitalize my interest in figures by buying a few new ones. I bought the Black Rock Shooter figma and nendoroid as well as the Drossel nendoroid. They’ve been here for like a week and I just decided to break the Black Rock Shooter nendoroid out today for some photos.

As I said, it’s been quite a while since I’ve photographed any anime figures and I still wasn’t entirely happy with the results but it definitely has got me thinking about wanting to photograph more anime figures.
I do like to play with nendoroids. I like that they come with a variety of facial expressions and body parts so they are more versatile than a static figure.
I think Black Rock Shooter transitioned well into nendoroid-form. She definitely seems a lot better put together than some of the earlier ones, it is amazing to me that just over a few short years such improvements have been made.

I’m going to try and maybe get some more anime figure pictures tomorrow.. we will see.

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6 Responses to Get- Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I used to need help putting together my nendoroid stands, but these days it’s a lot easier and I have less concern that I may accidentally break something.

    • kleintoys says:

      I never really had problems with the stands really but the earlier ones just don’t seem as well constructed as the newer ones. I broke a few of my older ones ^^;

  2. polty says:

    totally feel the same way about figures ever since i got into dolls x3
    unopened boxes here and dusty figures there ~
    i should give them some love again :3

    • kleintoys says:

      I still like the figures a lot, I just don’t really appreciate them the same way I used to before I really got into dolls. I need to make an effort to give them a little bit more attention :D.

  3. polty says:

    same :3, but i notice my expectations for figures has gone sky high now; as in, i’d only buy what would really really appeal to me, rather than before when i’d just grab something that perks my interest
    then again, maybe it’s just cause i’m running out of space x3 (and moneys) xD

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m the same way, I am a lot more picky about what comes into the apartment now as space is so tight now. I had to pack up some of my figures to keep them safe from the clutches of my toddler and it kills me that I have figures I love that I can’t actually have out anywhere.

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