January Pullip Releases Announced

There really does not seem to be any theme for January’s pullip releases, they are a bit all over the place.
The Pullip’s name is Ludmila. Although she seems to be card themed I do not believe she is Alice in Wonderland themed. Granted she will probably end up being somehow Alice related once she actually arrives here.
I love her overall look, I love her face up especially the blue and the wig is awesome. Admittedly the outfit is a bit eclectic but I think the overall look to it really works. I have no idea what the purple furry thing is behind her wig, it just seems a little bizarre to me.

Darony is the dal and she is in a Dalmatian suit. I normally love the animal suited dolls but this one just kind of strikes me as a bit strange ^^; I think Darony will possibly look quite cute with Melize and her bear costume.

I am not the biggest Darony fan, she reminds me too much of other releases and she comes with bizarre stock. I am sure she will look amazing redressed but in stock form, I am not so impressed.
The byul’s name is Matulite. I absolutely adore everything about her. Even if she is a byul she seems to be the best put together of January’s releases and she is just awesome.
I fear I am really starting to go to the byul side.. I have four now and I definitely want this girl. It seems they purposefully try to make byul more appealing by giving her a little bit more attention when it comes to releases.

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2 Responses to January Pullip Releases Announced

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    That is quite the mix of characters. It’s hard to not think “Queen of Hearts” when I look at Ludmilla

    • kleintoys says:

      I always hate it when there is absolutely no underlying theme to a month’s releases >_< These three are just all over the place.

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