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It’s no secret that Clementine is my favorite of all my dolls, there is just something about her that makes me smile every time I see her. Being the favorite she gets certain special treatments, I have gotten freebie sketches of her done before by various artists I even had one artist contact me out of the blue and sent me a drawing of Clementine because they liked her so much. A few months back Rubyconcream did a limited number of free slots for her art commissions, I decided to take advantage of the offer and got a sketch of my beloved Clementine.
I absolutely loved it and it turned out one of my friends Skada actually got one of the other free slots and got her Papin drawn as well. Her Papin Juniper just happens to be one of my favorite Papins ever . We got to talking and we kind of came to the conclusion that a picture of the two of them would be even more mind-numbingly adorable so I commissioned Rubyconcream to do two illustrations of the two of them together.
The first illustration with the girls in their “default” outfits, I really  wanted something cutesy of the two of them together and this worked out perfectly.

Skada and I are both avid comic readers so I wanted a picture with a superhero-esque vibe, the dress Juniper is wearing is based off of one of her actual dresses but of course my heart belongs to the Joker so I requested that Clementine be drawn with a Joker shirt haha! .

I couldn’t be happier with how the commissions went Rubyconcream was very patient with me while I figured out exactly what I wanted and was out of contact part of the time. I will definitely commission her for more art in the future.

There is a neat bonus involved with this commission, Rubyconcream is nice enough to mail out her sketches of the illustrations.
On the backs of the actual pictures were even more cute drawings of Clementine and Juniper ❤
The level of adorableness is almost too overwhelming.

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2 Responses to Commissioned Art Get

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    Aw, it’s really cute. I like them a lot.

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