365 Doll Project Part 5

Only a few days late this time ^^; Not much going on that you don’t all already know about it already. Juniper is here for a vacation, that is pretty exciting because she is one of my very favorite Papins. Here is a picture of her and Clementine.
Clementine & Juniper
Here is part five of my 365 doll project.

23/365- Blu
Model-Dal- Cinnamoroll
Name- Blu
Mods- None
Bio- Blu’s full name is Blueberry but she prefers to be known as Blu. Blu and her twin sister Mint are both otaku despite the fact that they both eat, sleep and breath anime/anime culture they express their interest in different ways. Blu prefers to quietly partake in her hobby. She collects anime figures and runs a mega popular anime figure site. None of her friends know about her in the closet otaku-ism even her best friend Banana Split remains in the dark about it.

24/365- Sushi
Model-Pullip- Haute NY #311
Name- Sushi
Mods- None
Bio- Sushi is just a nickname given to poor Suzy by the hated oppressors otherwise known as dals. Suzy worked at a sushi restaurant and made the most excellent sushi known to man, the dals got together and decided that her sushi was too good for anyone else so they kidnapped and forced her to work in their sushi bar. They don’t even refer to her by name just calling her Sushi. Suzy is actually pretty happy despite her circumstances she does love to make sushi anyway 😛

25/365 Special Que
Model-Byul- Siry
Name- Special Que
Mods- None
Bio- A visionary, but visions can be scary. It’s scary how some prophecies can be self-fulfilling. Que is special, she has the ability to see into the future and tell how people will die of course sometimes it is because she herself is going to kill them. Her business suffers from lack of repeat customers from some odd reason.

26/365- Rosemarie
Model-Pullip- Fanatica
Name- Rosemarie
Mods- None
Bio- Rosemarie was born in a strange place and because of her immense beauty people treated her almost like a god. For as beautiful and well-loved as Rosemarie was she was hollow inside and never really felt anything. She was almost like a ghost she just drifted through life she became very withdrawn and quite cruel to everyone until she had a chance encounter with Nyx. Nyx was finally someone interesting and perplexing, something bright and vibrant in a dark world. Nyx spoke of exciting things and told Rosemarie to follow her and she could see these amazing and exciting things as well. Rosemarie attempted to follow Nyx but Nyx tricked her and she ended up in a most perplexing place. Much to her surprise when Rosemarie awoke she found a girl named Paja that claims she summoned her. Paja had been attempting to summon the demon Azreal but failed and got Rosemarie instead. Despite the misunderstanding and the trickery, Rosemarie discovered this new place is actually quite fun. She doesn’t know anything about demons or if she is actually one but for the first time in her life she is actually smiling, she can actually feel something.

27/365- Sugarplum
Model-Pullip- Oren
Name- AstridSugarplum
Mods- None
Bio- Astrid moved to LA to become a star, it was always her dream to see her name in lights and for everyone to know her name. Unfortunately she struck out as an actress, due to her diva attitude. She went on one final audition and she managed to nail the role unfortunately it was for a kid’s tv show. She never really much cared for children they are kind of gross with their sticky fingers and lack of manners. Much to her chagrin the “Sugarplum Hour” has become a phenomenal hit on par with “Nighty Night Raja”. Well she is recognized everywhere she goes now she is infuriatingly only remembered as Sugarplum. There is no escape from the ooshy, gushy children lying in wait to hug her and force her to sign autographs.

Eventually she hopes to parlay her role as Sugarplum to become a mainstream actress unfortunately all the casting agents in town refer to her only as Sugarplum.

28/365 Meryl
Model-Pullip- Mitzi
Name- Meryl
Mods- None (hair braided by Skada)
Bio- A bit mischievous and deviant but has a good heart. Rather than have a conventional job she supports herself with acts of thievery never taking from someone who truly needs for anything. She thinks people focus too much on material possessions so she tries to lead a minimalist lifestyle, stealing only what she absolutely needs. What little she does own is stolen property.

Meryl is best friends with Kitka, she doesn’t really care for the bratty Paja at all but will tolerate her for Kitka’s sake. She is bisexual, a lovely green and purple haired pullip recently broke her heart. She is still mending from the break up but is hopeful that she will find happiness again (maybe she can steal someone’s boyfriend..).

29/365- Brandy
Model-Dal- Sakura
Name- Brandy
Mods- None
Bio- Brandy came from an extremely wealthy and proper family. She never really got a chance to enjoy her childhood as her parents always pressured her to overachieve with grace and poise. She recently changes schools and she has made new friends such as Blu who encourage her not to take herself so seriously and to kick back and relax more.

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