171/365- Jouet Family & some thoughts on pullip..

I had a meet with Requiemart at my place a few days ago. It had been a while since out last meet and well it had been quite a while since she had been here. It was nice to see her again and have a chat. We chat about different dolls and upcoming projects she is planning to work on, somehow I always manage to come up with an ideas for more customs….
She left Joel here on leave until our next meet. Joel is a taeyang version of the doll carnival limited Jouet, I just recently got a mini Jouet dal in the mail and I already had a custom pullip Joyette (also by requiemart) so I decided it was time for some family photos.
I love doing family shots of dolls like this.
Almost all dals are bratty and attention-hogs especially when there is a pullip involved.
I know there has been some talk that has effectively been some talk about me no longer collecting pullip but I am by no means done collecting pullip, I am on somewhat of a break right now. Even saying I am on a break is somewhat of a misnomer as well another member of the rainbow mafia joined the crew yesterday and  another custom doll is now in the works. … well two dolls but one is a doll I have she is just being tweaked a bit (one of my Alas is being matted) but the other one necessitated me getting another doll to have customized. I am also seriously considering buying a custom doll next month, so I guess I am just kind of pausing. I have kind of withdrawn from the pullip community but it’s more out of frustration than anything as all the people I used to know who did collect have moved on with the exception of Requiemart (she is kind of in her separate category though) so I don’t have as much as an urge to engage with the community as I did previously.

I am behind on my collect all the released pullips/dals scheme I currently need three pullips (Sabrina, Shan-ria, Saras) and two dals (Pinocchio and Setti). I do have next month’s pullip Eos preordered, but catching up is still going to be slightly painful. It’s probably going to cost me somewhere between $500-$600 to catch up >_<. I still love the pullips but with so much stuff going on in real life I have had a hard time really focusing on them lately. On a practical level right now, I have been so busy with real life stuff I haven’t had much time to devote to the dolls and they are in chaos right now I am trying to build the doll room of my dreams right now unfortunately I haven’t had the time to really work on it the way I need to. Progress is slow but it is slowly coming together, once it is completed I will debox my NRFB Rei and the new member of the rainbow mafia as a reward to myself. I am hoping to have it all done by next Monday but it depends on if I get any free time between now and then ^^;

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