160/365- Free Comic Book Day

So today was Free Comic Book Day, for those generally uninterested in comics almost all comic book shops in the US hand out free comics on the first Saturday of May. The free comics are generally comics that are specifically made for free comic book day and they are kind of designed to get you introduced to the characters to make you want to read more ie. actually buy comics. It’s generally a big day, there are sales, people dress up (generally as comic book characters) and it’s just pure wild, fun chaos.

I had, had ambitious plans to hit every comic book shop in the tri-state area but I have been quite ill dear readers, and I am in still in the process of recovery. I ended up sleeping in until around one in the afternoon so my plans were no longer feasible. I decided to instead play it kind of low-key and hit only a few stores. I decided all things considered I was going to hit Arkham Asylum, Sarge’s Comics and Buried Under.
160/365- Free Comic Book Day
Arkham Asylum was my first stop but I neglected to take photos of the festivities. I picked up the latest issue of Gotham City Sirens and they were having a basically any 20 issues for $20 deal. I eventually picked out another 20 comics which is a lot harder than it sounds as I am trying to keep a narrow focus and I left the house without my damn list again. I think I got a pretty good mix of newer DC comics unfortunately I think the sales ploy may have worked too well on me as there are now a few more series I want to read more of. As I was getting ready to leave, a woman ran up and stopped me initially I was not even going to stop as I had a bad feeling this was like an omg you took the last issue of what I wanted to read or some such bullshit thing but alas I was wrong. She had apparently been looking for me for some time as she had hit my car when she pulled in >_<

It isn’t that bad but there is a very large scratch and two minor dents but I was pretty pissed as I love my car. My car is affectionately known as Pumpkin because of it’s orange color and well everybody knows not to mess with my Pumpkin. Took forever for the cops to show up to get a police report, I was highly annoyed with the whole situation. Their insurance is supposed to call me on Monday and then I am supposed to get estimates from their blah, blah, blah still highly annoyed.

Because I was detained for so long I decided to scrap my plans to go to Buried Under and just went to Sarges comics. Most of the festivities were long gone because well it was very late in the afternoon by the time I got there but there were still sales. 50% of back issues so I picked up all of Gotham Girls as well as some other comics. I also decided to break down and buy an actual box for comics as I was getting sick of the drifts of comics laying around in the apartment. I also finally splurged and got the old school Harley Quinn action figure that had been sitting on their Sarge’s shelves for forever and a day, I had been torn about her for almost a year now (every time I went in I debated getting her) but the owner cut me a sweet deal so I figured it was time she came home (plus I am still in a pretty foul mood because of Pumpkin frankly).
Free comic book day haul
Comics-wise I ended up getting…
Arkham Reborn- 1
Battle for the Cowl- The Underground
Batgirl- 1,3,5,9
Batman: Detective Comics- 859, 864
Batman and Robin- 11
Batman and Robin Adventures- 10, 18
Batman Confidential- 35-39, 42
Batman/Superman- 52, 63
Countdown- 45-50
Gotham City Sirens- 11
Gotham Girls 1-5 All
I, Joker

Ironcially, I still haven’t bothered going through the actual free comic books I got today lol.

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5 Responses to 160/365- Free Comic Book Day

  1. K says:

    damn T__T. I overslept… There’s a free comicbook day here too >__< but its early in the morning.

    • kleintoys says:

      Most of the festivities are only until noon, I slept through all of the storm troopers invading the one store apparently.

  2. Moonchild says:

    Bah, I’m so sorry your car got hit, that sucks! 😦

    Yay for getting the comics and Harley, though!
    I hope they made you feel a lil bit better.

    • kleintoys says:

      I went for an estimate today, apparently that little bit of damage is over $1300 worth T_T Luckily, I think the insurance is covering everything.

      Thanks, I am trying to take it easy until I am back up to full strength.

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    Your car is the color pumpkin?! That’s great! My boyfriend and I always talk about how we’d like a nice orange car someday.

    I actually recently got into my first accident, a Verizon truck backed up into me in a parking lot. I’m still working out getting it fixed. These things are really hard when trying to go through the other person’s insurance, but hell if I’m paying $1 for this, he didn’t even stop when I beeped.

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