151/365- Vocaloid petit nendoroids and other new arrivals (blythe for sale ^^;)

I got a flood of packages today, including my Vocaloid petit nendoroids. Honestly they were what I was super excited for and really waiting for although I did not expect them to arrive quite so quickly.
151/365 Vocaloid Petit Nendoroids
The petit nendoroids were by no means today’s only arrivals…
New Arrivals
– Vocaloid- Petit Nendoroid case
– Vocaloid- Petit Nendoroid Race Car (white) set
– Gurren Lagenn- Yoko and Nia Sega Prize figure
– To Heart 2- Ilfa figure
– Blythe- Lounging Lovely (more on her further down the post..)
I had been wanting this HMX-17a Ilfa figure since she was announced, I am kind of glad I waited on her. I had wanted to preorder her when she was almost $100, I would have been very upset if I bought her then honestly. She is an okay figure but I am okay with the price I paid for her around $30 (I think). In theory, I like this figure’s pose and I love the character but something is just lacking in execution. She is bigger than I anticipated somehow I had a bit of a disconnect and was picturing her as a demure 1/8 but she is a fairly hulking 1/6, I think I would have preferred her as a 1/8. The cast-off gimmick is not doing her size any favors, the layers of clothing just make her like kind of chunky ^^; It’s still a cute figure but I feel somewhat disappointed with her.
Lounging Lovely.. looking for love?
Remember I mentioned there would be more on the blythe further down in the post? Unfortunately right now, I am in the depths of a dollfie fever. I am a fickle blythe owner and I fear another dollfie purchase may be on the horizon soon. Since I am not exactly feeling the lovely Lounging Lovely back out the door she must go. I have her listed on various blythe forums, etc. but in case anyone here is interested she is $165 shipped within the US. I really don’t want to ship internationally but I might if I get the right offer. Not really looking for trades either at the moment unless you have an Ice Rune, in like condition or a Fairyland Pukipuki… Contact me for further details.

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2 Responses to 151/365- Vocaloid petit nendoroids and other new arrivals (blythe for sale ^^;)

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I’ve gone back and forth over if I want those Vocaloid petit nendoroids a lot. I still haven’t made a decision. On the one hand I love petit nendoroids and it’s the most affordable way to own the Vocaloid crew. And on the other, I’m running out of good places for petit nendoroids…

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